Peak District Challenge

Hathersage Memorial Hall, S32 1DU

The Peak District Challenge is a picturesque trekking challenge that offers five levels of difficulty for hill walkers and runners: 10km (Back before Dark), then 25km (Copper), 50km (Bronze), 75km (Silver) or 100km (Gold Ultra). It's organised by Wilderness Development, an established outdoor activity company based in the Peak District, and was first put on in 2013.

Entry fees are low, with NO fundraising commitment, and NO deductions from any charity's income.

When and where?

All routes finish at Hathersage on Saturday evening.

The Back Before Dark 10k runners challenge starts at 6pm on Saturday. You have one hour to complete the 10km run before dusk. Walkers can start at earlier, at 4pm.

The Copper Challenge starts at 9.30am on Saturday, so the 9 hour finishing target is 6.30pm.

The Bronze Challenge starts around 8.30am on Saturday, so the 12 hour finishing target is at 8.30pm.

The Silver and Gold Ultra Challenges start at 9.00pm on Friday evening, so their 24 hour finishing target is 9.00pm on Saturday.

You are encouraged to enter is a team of 3-5 people. Solo or duo competitors are only allowed on the longer (25-100km) challenges if they can show they have navigation experience or are willing to attend a navigation training course in advance of the event.

For more information on the challenge or to sign up please visit or our facebook page



All events start and finish at Hathersage at postcode S32 1DU