Pulborough Vineyards Run

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Anonymous Published: 26/01/2018
Title: Overall a great day, with just a couple of 'negatives'
I didn't really look at what the Pulborough half marathon entailed, when I broke it for me and my wife. It's really out of the way and as soon as we turned up we realised it wasn't what we were expecting. It's not a massive race, it felt more like a community gathering. Everyone, and I mean everyone (that I met anyways) was really friendly and supportive. The route was tough, I really should've looked before going. I didn't realise it was off-road! Theres a few cheeky inclines but it's in an amazing setting so well worth the pain.

The only thing I would say is that they lost count of how many laps I'd done, when I asked we tried to work it out and they said I only had 1 lap plus the bit to the gate and back left. Getting the results shows I only did 7 laps. Hopefully this is an error, which they warned us it could be.

Overall though, it made me and my wife realise how much we enjoy off road running. Massive thanks to the organisers and to everyone I met along the way. I'll definitely be back.

Anonymous Published: 26/01/2018
Title: Harder than I expected but a great event.
Other than the odd dash across a field or a run on pretty solid tracks I had not done any cross country since leaving school, which is longer ago than I care to remember.  The passing of time had led me to forget quite how different it is to running on roads or tracks.  As a result I did not achieve anything like the result I was aiming for. 

The relaxed nature of the event and the provision of booze at the finish meant that I (almost) did not mind about having to abandon my targets for the day.  I will be back for the next running of the event.