Richmond Park Virtual Challenges 2020

Hello to all our runners and friends we would like to offer a Virtual Challenge In Richmond Park through the months of October and November 2020 - all those who complete either the half marathon of the full marathon distance challenge will receive a bespoke finishers medal and a 1M2GO tee shirt.


Map Route of the half marathon route and description below.


Start – Sheen Gate. You start down the side of the road on the grass down towards the crossroads. Turn right and head up the path all the way up towards Richmond Gate, when you get near the top, check the view of London’s panorama in the distance.

When the path meets the Tamsin trail by Richmond Gate turn right and follow the trail all the way back to our Sheen gate HQ. The route then heads out again downhill towards the sheen gate crossroads, where we will get everyone to cross safely over onto the road up through Dutchess Wood and past the famous White Lodge and following the road as it winds down towards the cark park next to Spankers Hill Wood.

We then follow the road down towards Robin Hood Gate. Here, you will rejoin the Tamsin trail and then head off clockwise towards Broomfield Hill where you can take in water and food snacks that you are able to run with.

Beautiful trail paths and routes around towards Ladderstile Gate and then on along through the woods at Dark Hill towards the crossing of the Tamsin Trail at Kingston Gate, please take care of potential traffic here.

Follow the glorious Tamsin Trail as it meanders along the Queens Road and on towards Ham Gate, so take care crossing there and also try to take in some refreshments and you have and head out across the large field with Ham Gate Pond on your left.

Join the Tamsin trail at the corner where it backs onto the Golf Club and stay on the Tamsin trail towards Petersham Gate, with some glorious views of the park and scenery to take in. At Petersham Gate you need to turn around and stay on the full Tamsin trail all the way back to Ham Gate (more refreshments can be taken on if needed), then you will head up the Horse Trail route up towards a crossing on Queens Road across towards Ham Cross Plantation, turn right for about 50 meters until you reach the private road that cuts all the way through Richmond Park where you will see some fabulous panoramas, heading back towards the cafe at Lawn Plantation, and once back at the car park, we get back on the road that winds back up past the White House Lodge, have a look at the view on your left as you pass the White House, the Queen's Ride.

Then down the private road towards the crossroads, take care crossing and up on the left side of the field back towards the race HQ and finish at Sheen Gate for your final refreshments and cheers for completing the event at 13.1 miles distance!  Please ensure your Garmin Strava or any timing app shows you have completed the full 13.1 miles - save this and then forward to us so we can upload your finish time on our hall of fame completed 13.1 miles to

The full marathon can compete when runners complete 2 full circuits of the Tamsin Trail route (after completing the half marathon route) and their timing watch shows distance completed as 26.2 miles 


To enter this challenge - please click on the below options - medals and shirts will be sent out as soon as we see registration and scores and results will be uploaded onto to a hall of fame table on the  website showing all those people and times who have completed this challenge - good luck everyone!


Enter the half marathon & full marathon - charge £25 (includes a donation of £5 to the Royal Parks who maintain the fantastic grounds in Richmond Park and make this event so special) .




Virtual Event