Ride Clwyd 2020

Coronavirus Update:

Ride Clwyd is postponed until September 2020

- date TBC (but possibly the 27th)

Entry is currently suspended - once we have a September date we'll re-open.

Add your name to the waiting list for FREE in the meantime.


Totally new routes for 2020

Tough 100 mile adventure plus a hilly 65mile option and by popular request a new 45er.

Start at the Airbus factory, Broughton, Chester

Get ready to choose:

  • Which Speed Group? - set off with like minded riders - Fast, Medium, Touring
  • Name and Club on handlebar number board?  Helps make ride buddies during the event
  • Get news of other Rideventures events - new "Shortive" style events plus technique classes

Changes from 2019:

All routes totally new

No electronic timing

Event rule: cycle helmets must be worn