Salcey 50 recce

Salcey Forest, Wootton Road

A group/social run around the Salcey 50 route. The run will be a tiny bit over 8 miles on the planned route the for the Salcey 50 event. Expect mud! You'll need to pay to park £4 for 2 hours will be enough for the run, if you want to stay for coffee you may need to do £6 for 2+ hours. The pace will be social, ie as fast as the slowest person. If you're a 5 min/miler then bring an extra layer and be prepared to do some looping back round and waiting at decision points. The idea of this is to be inclusive of everyone. I envisage we'll do the 8 miles in around 90 minutes. It might be wise to download the route from the event page at but obviously you'll be with myself for the duration!

Your entry fee can either be refunded to you with a Big Bear Voucher for the amount you've paid or I'll by you a coffee or cake from Grounds Cafe after! The idea of the small fee is just to make sure people who say they will turn up do and don't prevent others from coming who would have liked to.