Sri Chinmoy Marathon

This year, due to the current global situation, the eighteenth annual Sri Chinmoy Marathon which usually takes place around Rockland Lake in Valley Cottage, New York, will be held virtually. This means that those who wish to participate, can do so in their own country on a course of their own choosing, adhering to their government regulations on safety and social distancing.

This marathon will welcome the virtual participation of runners from more than 30 countries.



£8.00 (approximately $10.00)



Participants can run their marathon on Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd or Monday 24th August (not before and not after). Registration closes at 11pm (New York time), Thursday 20th August.


Participants must submit their own race time in hours:minutes:seconds here on Eventrac after they have run their marathon. Times must be submitted by 8am Tuesday 25th August (New York time). Details on how to submit your race time will be emailed to you closer to race day.


Male runners who finish under three hours must submit a link to their run tracking device app (Garmin, Strava, Fitbit etc) showing that they completed the full marathon distance (26.2 miles or 42.195 kilometres), the course, the date, and the race time (without pausing the time). Female runners who finish under three hours thirty minutes must do the same. Runners over 50 who finish under four hours and fifteen minutes must do the same.


Following international guidelines for virtual races we recommend that you select a course that is 'out and back' or laps. Laps must not be shorter than 1 mile. If you are running point to point, there should not be a drop in elevation of more than 1 metre per kilometre on average, meaning that the finish point should not be more than 42 metres or 138 feet lower than the starting point in elevation.


Special Champion Certificates will be awarded to:


Top 7 Men 18-49

Top 7 Women 18-49

Top 3 Men 50-59

Top 3 Women 50-59

Top 2 Men 60-69

Top 2 Women 60-69

Top Man 70+

Top Woman 70+


As times are submitted here on Evetrac a live leaderboard will constantly be updated. Final and official results will be published on the Sri Chinmoy Races site on Wednesday 26th August.