The Bridge Childrens Triathlon

Next Race: 17/07/2022

The 6th Bridge Children’s Triathlon will take place on the 21st June 2020.

Entry’s are now open for the 2020 Dartford Bridge Children’s Triathlon

Every year we learn a bit more and we try and improve our events. 

The link below will take you to a full set of results.

Results for the 2016 Bridge Triathlon


Click here for 15/16 results.

New swim course for this year’s children’s race. No lap’s just one loop for each race. 50m, 150m, 200, 300, this will make the swim easier for the children.

Due to time restrictions we are limited to only 50 in each age race wave. Boys and girls will be both racing in the same wave.

We can only start the children’s race when the last competitor has started there last lap of the run in the adult race. This will now be at 10.30 am.  We need to have reopened the road by 1pm so all waves will need to start on time.

We will be fencing off all areas this year for safety reasons. We will also be moving the Transition area down to the trees to give us more room. The Finish will also be moved 20m again to give us more room (see site plan)

Registration will only open at 9.30am for the children’s race. Care must be taken when entering the site as there will be another race taking place early in the morning.

All children must be at the start area 10 minutes before their wave is due to start. Start times will be sent out the week before the race date by e-mail. They will also be posted on the web site

We made all these changes due to the extra spectators who came to watch the race in 2014

If you have any questions please feel free to ask before the day of the race.

  • Estimated start time for each age group.
  • This will be confirmed on 13th June
  •     Tri-Start age 8        10.30am
  •     Tri-Star 1 –  9/10     10.50am
  •     Tri-Star 2 – 11/12    11.15am
  •     Tri-Star 3 –  13/14   11.45am
  • Please note this will be a wet suit swim for the children’s race. We also ask that you must have swum open water before the day of the race.
  • Tri-Start age 8      Swim: 50m,   Bike: 1.5k, 1 lap -Run: 600m -1 lap
  • Tri-Star 1 –    9/10   Swim: 150m, Bike: 3k 2 laps  – Run -1k -2 laps
  • Tri-Star 2 –   11/12  Swim: 200m, Bike: 6k 4 laps  Run: 1.5k – 3 laps
  • Tri-Star 3 –   13/14  Swim: 300m, Bike: 7.5k 5 laps Run: 2k – 4 laps
  • Youth            15/16  Swim: 400m , Bike: 13k – Run: 3.3k and this will be the Super Sprint Triathlon course. This will be on the full road course. This race will start at about 8.00am

If you have any questions about The Bridge Triathlon, please get in touch

 PLEASE NOTE: Swimming is forbidden in the lakes on The Bridge at any time other than for events or during authorised Open Water Swim training sessions. Any person found swimming in the lakes on The Bridge is committing an act of Trespass, will be asked to leave and will be barred from site and disqualified from all future events at The Bridge.  

The Bridge Childrens Triathlon Jul 2022

  • 17/07/2022, 06:30

    Tri-Star age 8

    1.5 Km bike 50 Meters swim 600 Meters run £24.00 - £25.00
  • 17/07/2022, 06:30

    Tri-Star 1

    3 Km bike 1 Km run 150 Meters swim £30.00 - £32.00
  • 17/07/2022, 06:30

    Tri-Star 2 (11/12)

    6 Km bike 1.5 Km run 200 Meters swim £30.00 - £32.00
  • 17/07/2022, 06:30 - 21:51

    Tri-Star 3 (13/14)

    300 Meters swim 7.5 Km bike 2 Km run £30.00 - £32.00
  • 17/07/2022, 06:30

    Youth (15/16)

    13 Km bike 3.3 Km run 400 Meters swim £34.00 - £35.00



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