The Regent's Park 10K Winter Series by The Mornington Chasers

Next Race: 05/12/2021 + 3 others

The Regent's Park, LONDON. NW1 4NR

Join us for London's most popular 10K in a park setting, brought to you through the winter months by local running club, The Mornington Chasers.


Running this 3-lap, flat, tarmac route alongside London Zoo, lucky runners will spot camels, giraffes (or even some big cats!), while other sections of the course take you past the tranquil boating lake, floral gardens and centuries-old statues and monuments.


With acres of open space for relaxing and recovering with friends, you'll be able to make a great trip out to celebrate one of your fastest 10K times, recorded by chip-timing on this official measured course.


There's no finish line feeling quite like The Regent's Park!


All of our events are organised following government and governing body COVID-19 guidance. We will continue to ensure that we deliver safe and enjoyable events.


Entry on the day will be available, subject to availability and a £5 surcharge.


For event updates and future promotions, follow The Race Organiser on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. You can also join our Strava club to see how your fellow competitors are training and compare your event day performance.


Event Details



These events will be licensed with UK Athletics (UKA) and the results published by Run Britain shortly after the event.


Bib Numbers

Bib numbers are available for collection at the event only, participants should not expect to receive anything by mail.



Results will be uploaded live to our website (internet connection permitting) and communicated to all pre-registered participants within 24 hours of each event.



All finishers will receive a medal on completing their event.




Medical Cover

Suitable medical cover is provided at our events in case of a medical emergency. 


Bag Drop

Whilst we recommend bringing as little as possible, participants can leave essential belongings with us using the tear-off baggage strip on their bib.



Event images will be available, usually within 24 hours of each event.


Water Stations

Water will be available on the route on each lap.



Toilets will be available at the Hub for use throughout each event.


Changing Rooms/Showers 

There are no dedicated changing rooms/showers.


Other Information



These events are suitable for wheelchair users. Any participants wishing to compete with specialised equipment are asked to contact us before entering to ensure we can accommodate any additional requirements.


BuggiesPushchairs and Strollers

As UK Athletics licensed events, the pushing of persons in any device in these events is prohibited under the UKA Rules of Competition - including, but not limited to - buggies, pushchairs, strollers (or similar) and wheelchairs.



Noise-cancelling earphones/headphones are prohibited and, whilst we discourage the use of other earphones/headphones in running events, participants choosing to use them should ensure they are set to a low enough volume that instructions from event officials can be clearly understood. 



Participants must not be accompanied by a personally owned or controlled dog during an event. Entries may be accepted from participants with medical assistance dogs, subject to them being correctly registered and identifiable as such, and subject to prior approval by the Event Director.


The Regent's Park 10K Winter Series by The Mornington Chasers Dec 2021

  • 05/12/2021, 09:00


    10 Kilometres £23.00 - £25.00

The Regent's Park 10K Winter Series by The Mornington Chasers Jan 2022

  • 09/01/2022, 09:00


    10 Kilometres £23.00 - £25.00

The Regent's Park 10K Winter Series by The Mornington Chasers Feb 2022

  • 06/02/2022, 09:00


    10 Kilometres £23.00 - £25.00

The Regent's Park 10K Winter Series by The Mornington Chasers Mar 2022

  • 06/03/2022, 09:00


    10 Kilometres £23.00 - £25.00



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