The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Anniversary Race

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Anniverary Race honours the 42nd anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s first marathon: the 1979 Bidwell Classic in Chico, California. Runners from anywhere in the world are welcome to participate, and can do so in their own country on a course of their own choosing, adhering to the applicable government regulations on safety and social distancing.

Sri Chinmoy completed 22 marathons in his lifetime. In his first marathon, at the age of 47, he ran 4:31:34. Today, the marathon team that he created puts on races worldwide encoraging men and women to maintain and increase both their physical and spiritual fitness.

Sri Chinmoy: “Running helps us considerably. Running is continuous motion. Because of our running, we feel that there is a goal — not only an outer goal but also an inner goal.”


Race options are:

1. Marathon (26.2 miles)

2. Half-marathon (13.1 miles)

3. Marathon Relay (4 people) in which each team member completes 6.65 miles and the cumulative team time is the team marathon result.


Participants can run their race on Saturday 27 February, Sunday 28 February, Monday 1 March, Tuesday 2 March or Wednesday 3 March. Registration closes at 3pm (GMT) on Wednesday 3 March.


Participants must submit their own race time in hours:minutes:seconds here on Eventrac after they have run their race. Times must be submitted by 4pm Thursday 4 March (GMT).


Relay teams must be all-male or all-female and consist of 4 people. Each runner will run 6.65 miles (a quarter of a marathon). Please create your team and confirm your team members, team name and team captain before registering. The team captain should register the relay team and submit the results (only the captain). The team captain will need to know the full name, date of birth, age on day of race, gender and nationality of each team member when registering. The combined time of the four runners will be the final team time. There are no age categories for relay teams.


Following international guidelines for virtual races we recommend that you select a course that is 'out and back' or 'laps'. Laps must not be shorter than 1 mile. If you are running point to point, there should not be a drop in elevation of more than 1 metre per kilometre on average, meaning that the finish point should not be more than 42 metres or 138 feet lower than the starting point in elevation. Runners should use an accurately measured course or use a run tracking device app (Garmin, Strava, Fitbit etc).


As times are submitted here on Evetrac a live leaderboard will constantly be updated. Final and official results will be published on the Sri Chinmoy Races site on Friday 5 March.

AGE CATEGORIES (not applicable to relay)

There are eight age categories:

Men: 18-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

Women: 18-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+


We wish everyone the best of health and happiness. May our dynamic efforts, positive goodwill and universal oneness serve the world at this challenging time and make us more united as a human family.