Walking & Running with Poles - Alyn Waters Country Park

Next Course: 22/06/2024

10am - 12noon

The use of poles when out on the trails and hills can bring many benefits. To name a few - better stability and balance, improved dynamic posture, decreased joint stress, greater skeletal muscle usage, improved efficiency and ultimately - improved performance! These benefits are felt more when poles are USED CORRECTLY!

In this workshop we will go through technique for various terrains - ups, downs, technical, non technical , whilst walking and running.

Walkers and Runners are invited to joinin and learn about how to use poles in the best way to assist your adventures, and we'll also go through advice on different types of poles, what is the right length to go for and more.

There'll be technique sessions and a guided route to practice in a prolonged manner. Alyn Waters is a great location for this, with excellent on site facilities and a good range of different trails to practice on. Poles are provided, if you do not have your own to use.


Walking & Running with Poles - Alyn Waters Country Park no-group

  • 22/06/2024, 10:00

    Standard Entry

  • 22/06/2024, 10:00

    OutFit Member Entry (Nevis, Snowdon & Berwyn Members) - 10km