Wickham Wine Runs

Come along and join us for this 'first time' Wickham Wine Run.

There are corks waiting to be popped and bubbles waiting to be released at the 'wine stops' and water stations, with nibbles too!

Our water stations will feature a selection of wines for you to 'sample'as you continue long the course to your next tipple point. Every runner will be given a wine glass at the start that they then take with them and 'fill' at each of the 'wine stations.

There will be non alcoholic drinks for thoose who choose not to take the wine.

When you collect your number, you’ll be given your own ‘hard plastic’ one piece, disposable wine glass, which you can get filled at the ‘water stations’.

Waiting at the finsh will be a bespoke, wine themed medal.

Its over 18's only on this one folks and numbers are limited so get in early.



Terms and Conditions