Woldingham Full And Half Marathon

Next Race: 25/08/2024

The Woldingham Half and Full will be an out and back course (once for the half , twice for the full marathon). The race will start at Woldingham School itself - and head on out of the gates along the private road along the green valley heading south towards the North Downs Way for about 1 mile  - at the end road we turn left of the side of the hill between bushes and fence - eventually reach an open area with amazing views south of Kent and Surrey and the distant M25.

Follow the short trail path right through the wooded area followings signs to come out at Gangers Hill - carefully cross the road and head straight ahead along the footpath , it will head down towards Tandridge Hill - follow the signs as you go. There is a gate to go through and head up the left side of the hill (narrow path) - this will eventually bring you to the top of the hill , and cross again with Gangers Hill. Turn right along Gangers Hill for 25 metres , then you can turn right onto the North Downs Way (NDW).

Follow the NDW for about half a mile until you reach the steps down - follow these and you will eventually reach the bottom (small viewing area and a bench) - turn left and follow the NDW as it snakes around the ridge - straight , then right , then slight left all the way until you reach the gate at the end of the open field. Through the gate down the hill - the chalk pit will be on your left hand side. At the bottom , turn left following the edge of the field all the way towards the house straight ahead - the the gate and between the hedges arrive onto Chalkpit Lane. Care cross this road - we turn right for about 10 metres - then there will be a sign for the NDW - up a short steep climb to the bench and the finger post signs - it will have VGW (Vanguard Way) signed up the hill ..yes up that hill ! From here we will follow a short but scenic section of the VGW out and back from this point.

So, head up the hill - it may seem like the north face of the Eiger - but there are footstep sections to help you get to the top !  

At the top of the go through gate - turn right up the hill towards Chalkpit Lane and take care along the right side of the road to reach the junction of The Ridge. Take care crossing the Ridge - and head straight ahead along the private road that becomes a trail path - follow for about 1-2 miles eventually reaching a big open field - you can see Woldingham on your left side and open countryside on your right (rolling hills) - follow the field path straight down until you reach Slines Oaks Road - where you will TURN AROUND and head back to the finger post sign that said Vanguard Way . Run back up the grassy hill towards the trees - follow the path up through the enclosed trail path for 1-2 miles eventually you will reach The Ridge (care crossing ) straight down Chalk Pit Lane for 30 metres - then turn left down the hill and through gate , then steeply down hill and back to the FP Finger Post Sign and bench - that says both VGW and NDW - we follow this path now turning left at the bottom of the hill by the bench, and follow this for approx 2 miles - keeping the woods to your left side all the way until the path finishes - through gate up Pitchfont Lane steeply all the way to the junction/car park of the B269 Limpsfield Road - run along the left side footpath (care crossing The Ridge junction) past Botley Hill Farm/Pub and shortly after about 200 metres the left pedestrian path ends and you have to cross Limpsfield Road on the right side footpath/bike path - please take care here).

Follow this pedestrian path for 2-3 miles taking care at all road  junctions - eventually you will reach Knights Garden Centre on your right hand side and shortly after the you will cross Limpsfield Road over to High Lane (at the junction with Rogers Lane) . Follow the High Lane turning left then there will be sign to go down Plantation Lane for about 1.5 miles , at the bottom of this trail path you will come into the front of Woldingham Golf Club - pass along the front of the Golf Club and towards the mail gates - just before the gates turn right around the end of the Golf Greens - and follow the trail path dow (with Golf Course on your right hand side) you will come to a gate and a sign - at Halliloo Valley Road. Cross the road and into Park Ley Road then sharp right down towards Woldingham Road - wail for 10 metres then cross Woldingham Road (take care)  for the enclosed trail path up through the woods turn left , then turn right you will reach the private drive heading back to Woldingham School - go under the railway bridge sticking to the left side of the road for about 2 miles to reach the FINISH of the 13.1 miles , the marathon runners will do this twice.

Our promise!

Our races are geared to getting people to have a fantastic challenging and enjoyable running experience finished off with a brilliant medal and goody bag most big races would be proud of. It is because we both runners we aim to provide runners with a special goody bag at all our races - these will have race spec tee shirts, goody bag- plus additional food and snacks at the end of all the races.

Woldingham Full And Half Marathon no-group

  • 25/08/2024, 09:30

    Woldingham Marathon

    26.2 M run £43.00 - £45.00
  • 25/08/2024, 09:30

    Woldingham Half Marathon

    13.1 M run £43.00 - £45.00



Woldingham School/Marden Park,