Matt Dawson

26 Mar, 2024 09:33 By:


Hi I’m Matt and my running journey started in 2016 after a 20 year gap , I started back running to gain a bit of fitness and soon found myself rejoining my old club where I found the sociable side to running and the enjoyment of running with like minded people .

My running focused on road running with shorter distance races until the world changed and lockdown closed clubs. During lockdown I met with other runners as and where rules allowed and started my newest journey of trail running using everything from local footpaths and woods to the joys of running in the Peak District.

Around 2 years ago I made the club change and joined Dewsbury Road Runners where I have the opportunity to run purely trail runs with like minded runners which has increased my passion for running and lead me to compete in cross country events.

I’m a great believer in volunteering so you’ll often see me cheering on at park run but also cheering on at Runables fantastic events (I’m the one holding a bacon sandwich normally) Runable have some amazing events coving all distances and different terrains but by far my personal favourite is the Round Reservoir Race which is a multi lapped team event and has an amazing atmosphere.

Runable is a small friendly organisation striving to put on well organised events that are focused on providing great races for all levels of runners and this is why I’m proud to have been chosen to help represent them ,if you haven’t entered one of there events yet then what are you waiting for , there’s definitely something for everyone.

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