RTTS Brighton Race Information Guide

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RACE DATE: Saturday  4th May



Start Venue – Christs Hospital School, Horsham West Sussex, RH13 0LJ

Finish Venue – Hove Lawns, Hove, Brighton, BN3 2FR

Race Packs/Registration – Please pick up your race pack at the START between 07:15 - 08:15

Entries on the day – None. All entries are in advance of race day

Bag Drop We will transport your bag from the start to the finish for you. This is a FREE service – travel light, we will only transport small carry bags with your essentials.  Make sure you attach the baggage tag on your race number to your bag

Race Briefing – Online by email in advance of race day, compulsory to read

Start Time – Start waves between 08:00 – 08:25. Select your wave during registration

Onsite facilities – Toilets at the start & finish and at the halfway point on course. Hot drinks & snacks available to purchase at the start pre-event & a café near to the finish line.


OPTION 1 -  Go to the Finish end of the race, Hove Lawns, and catch one of the pre-event shuttles to the start. Your car will be waiting for you at the Finish (seat must be pre-booked by 20th April!)

You will need to pre-book a shuttle bus seat as part of your entry, or via the link in your confirmation email up until two weeks before race day.  Email info@ultravioletrun.co.uk if you need help with this at least 2 weeks before race day.

You will be assigned a bus according to your start time – this will be confirmed a week before the race. Our bus departure point is next to Hove Lawns.

Remember – anything you take on the bus but aren’t running with (drinks bottles, spare clothes) will need to fit into a small bag, labelled with the tag from your race number, to be taken back to the finish.


OPTION 2 Go to the Start end of the race, Christs Hospital School, and make your own way from the Finish after your run.

You can park or get dropped off at Christs Hospital School, RH13 0LJ

There is free parking at the school – cars should be removed same day wherever possible.  If you do intend to leave your car overnight it must be a) parked in the correct bay as per the car park marshal (or you will receive a fine!), b) registered at the Security Office BEFORE you start the race and c) picked up by 3pm latest.  The Security Office can be found next to the car park, on your way to Registration.

There is also a small car park at Christs Hospital railway station, approx. 400m from the start.



Buses if you have booked bus transportation, you will be provided with specific details 7-10 days prior to race day. You will be allocated a bus time in accordance with your start time. The bus journey from Hove Lawns to Christs Hospital School pre-event will take around 50 minutes.

Race Packs/Registration – please pick up your race pack from the START between 07:15 – 08:15.

If you have a medical condition that we need to know about, please mark the front of your number with a cross and complete the details on the reverse of the number.

There will be a supply of pins at the start should you need them. Your race number should be visible on your front.

If you’ve ordered a buff or collapsible cup, these can be collected at the registration desk on race day.

Baggage – TRAVEL LIGHT, we cannot transport large bags for you. If you’re travelling on the pre-event buses, we suggest you travel in your kit with a layer of clothes over the top. Perhaps bring a drinks bottle, banana, and your car keys etc; that’s it. Essentially, everything you travel with that you’re not running with, needs to fit into a small bag.

The bag drop off van is right next to the start line. Your race number has a tear off baggage label on the bottom – you must label you bag before dropping it off.

Start Times & Procedure – you’ll be setting off in waves between 08:00 & 08:25, according to which wave you selected at registration. Approach the start area 10 mins before your start time and our start line team will call you forward. NOTE: last wave is at 08:25

Chip Timing – your timing chip is on the back of your race number, so your own start & finish times will be taken. 

Tracking -  we have predictive tracking for all runners – this is your estimated  position on the course based on the time you reach each checkpoint.  If you would like real-time tracking for your supporters to follow your actual progress please go to ‘Manage Booking’ and scroll down to ‘View Merchandise’ where you can book LIVE Tracking (£2).  This must be done by 2 weeks before race day.

Toilets – there are toilets at the start & finish and at checkpoints 2 & 3.  NOTE: if you are catching the buses there are NO toilets at the pick-up point so please be sure to go before you arrive

Personal Nutrition Drop – if you have any particular fancies to eat along the course, if you have any dietary preferences, or just want to use the nutrition you’ve trained with, we will take it out onto the course for you.  Nutrition must be in sealed bags and labelled with your race number and checkpoint locations and placed in the boxes at race registration. Personal nutrition must be dropped off by 08:15. This is available for Checkpoints 3 & 4  only.   


Race Briefing –  important details and final reminders will be in the briefing. This will not be presented at the start, but online in advance, on the website and emailed to you within the final week.

It is assumed that you will have read the race briefing – if you have any questions you need to contact the organisers before Wednesday May 1st

Terrain - The course is mixed terrain and mainly firm ground unless we have a lot of rain beforehand. We follow the Downs Link until  21.5km. The second half of the course is across the South Downs, therefore hilly/rolling. The approach to the finish is on pavements and seafront promenade.

Hilly/Flat? The course is flat for the first half (in fact slightly downhill) then hilly/rolling for the second half.

Signage – the course is fully signed with arrows, red & white tape and warning signage where appropriate.

Additional Navigation - We will provide you with a course GPX file for use on GPS devices. Also provided will be a Google MyMap version of the course which can be viewed on a phone and is marked with checkpoint locations, toilets etc.  These will be emailed to you approx 1 week before race day.

Headphones – we politely request that you do not use in-ear headphones for your own safety.

Course Etiquette – please be courteous to other path users. Short sections are narrow, please be patient and overtake when suitable.

Mandatory Kit

Fully charged mobile phone with emergency numbers included (found on your race number)
Drink Vessel (bottle/bladder pack etc) holding a minimum of 500ml at the start (please bring ready-filled)
Foil Blanket
Waterproof/Showerproof jacket
Method of payment, in case of emergencies

We appreciate that the need for some items may seem unlikely, however we have to plan for your safety in an emergency.

Medical Back-up – there is dedicated medical provision throughout the event. Due to the nature of the course, our medics may take some time to reach you. In a life threatening emergency, you should contact emergency services via 999. The Race HQ & Medics contact phone numbers will be printed on your race number.





There are four checkpoints around the course, you’ll find them at 12.6km, 23.3km, 32.3km & 42.8km. It is compulsory for you to enter each checkpoint even if you don’t need anything to eat or drink.

Cut-off Times - CP1 12.6km 11:15 / CP2 23.3km 13:05 / CP3 32.3km 14:50 / CP4 42.8km 16:45 / FINISH 17:00

What to Eat? Each checkpoint will stock a selection of snack items: biscuits, sweets, raisins, crisps, chocolate bars, savoury snacks and water to replenish your bottles with, along with cola & Active Root. If you’d like to eat specific items, check the personal nutrition option as below.

No Cups – we will be not be providing plastic cups at the checkpoints. If you want to use a cup for cola, etc, at the checkpoints, you’ll need to bring your own. UltraViolet collapsible cups are available to purchase via the event entry page or on the morning  at race registration for £5 (cash only)

Personal Nutrition – available for checkpoints 3 & 4 only. Put your food into sealed & labelled bags – mark your race number and which checkpoint they should go to on each bag. Drop at registration before 08:15 and it will be taken out to checkpoints on the course for you. This is a FREE service.

Checkpoint Guidance

A tail-end runner will advise any participants if they are behind the cut off times; you are required to be self-sufficient if you have to retire from the event

Use the hand sanitiser available

We are unable to return any personal items left at checkpoints

Supporters should not come to the checkpoints, access is limited and required by the event team and medical staff


When you arrive at Hove Lawns you’ll see our UltraViolet arch and feather flags. Cross the line and your result is automatically recorded.

You can then pick up your finishers medal & memento. There will be water, cola & snacks to help yourself to and a voucher for your free Mr Whippy ice-cream from the cafe next to the lawn!

Results & Prizes – ‘live’ results will be online courtesy of our timers Rogue Racer. Prize winners will receive their awards by post shortly after race day. We have overall, age category and a team prize up for grabs.

The team prize is for the 1st team to have 5 runners cross the line – make sure you’ve entered using the correct team name (hint – make it the same as your team mates!!)

Massage – available courtesy of Mind & Muscle at £15 for 20 minutes.

Mugs – the amazing Absolute Mugs are available to purchase to immortalise your day, just click HERE

On Hand To Help

The team at Eventrac are on hand to assist with all components of your event. From advice on promoting your event through low cost channels such as social media, to a guided tutorial on a specific feature of Eventrac. We are here to help.

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