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When you turn up to run this race, it is on the basis that you have read, understood and agreed to this Race Safety Brief


  • As you leave the start area at Christ Hospital School you will join the Downs Link – the path is narrow at this point and you must run single file as you join the Downs Link. Pause to check for other users and bicycles
  • Remember we share the route with the general public. We do not have exclusive use, therefore please be mindful and courteous to all other users
  • The route is marked with yellow race signs with black arrows.  Where it is not possible to put a sign, we will use red/white barrier tape tied to posts/branches/etc.  Signage can be, and is, occasionally removed by members of the public, therefore we recommend you have the route on a GPS device also, to use as a back-up and to check if you are unsure
  • There are road crossings throughout the course.  Wherever there is a controlled crossing point, the race signage will direct you to it – please use these crossings at all times.  If there is no controlled crossing point, please use extreme caution when crossing
  • Please watch your footing on the off-road trails
  • All meaningful junctions will be signed, but be aware that long straight sections where no turns are required, will only be signed sporadically (even if there are small paths branching off)
  • Remember it is mandatory to stop at all Checkpoints even if you don’t want food/drink as these are timing checkpoints.  Failure to stop may lead to disqualification and/or no results
  • There are cut-off times at each Checkpoint and at the finish (you can find these in the Race Guide on the website).  You will be advised if you are outside the cut-off time and you must then retire. You are required to be self-sufficient in this situation, so be sure to have a plan in place beforehand
  • Please check the weather forecast ahead of time.  Be sensible – wear appropriate clothing/sunscreen, drink regularly and slow your pace if you start to feel fatigued
  • Be sure to have ALL the mandatory kit with you at all times and have your water bottle ready filled when you arrive - there is no water station at the start
  • The numbers for if you need help are (please put into your phone now):-
    • for medical help: 07834 352542 (use 999 if you need emergency help and cannot get through)
    • for Race HQ: 07761 070292

These numbers are also printed on your race bib

Most of all enjoy the race, keep safe and we look forward to welcoming you on Saturday!


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