Setting up alerts when someone enters your events

27 Nov, 2019 02:03 By: Nikki Hawkes

If you want to be notified every time someone enters one of your events, you can set up 2 types of notifications to be sent to you:

  1. Stripe Account Notifications: These will be sent to you every time a payment is successfully made to your Stripe account. It will include the amount of the payment, the event which was entered, who it was made by and the time of the transaction. 
  2. Eventrac Event Entry Notifications: This will alert you of the event which was entered and by who. 

You can set up one, or both types of notifications depending on how many emails you want to receive! You don’t have to set up any if you are happy to just check back to your eventrac account for entry updates. 

Setting up Stripe notifications 

  1. Login to your stripe account 
  2. Go to your user settings at the following link:
  3. Scroll down to the Notifications section and tick the ‘Successful Payments’ box

You can choose to tick the boxes below if you would like more than one type of notification via email from Stripe. 


Setting up eventrac notifications

1. On your dashboard, go to the event you want to set up notifications for and click ‘Manage’ 


2. Click on ‘Emails’ on the top of your dashboard.
Here, click ‘edit’ on the confirmation email that someone receives when someone enters your event. 

3. Add your email to the ‘CC’ section
This will enable you to receive the same confirmation email as a participant once they have entered. This has their name, the ticket they have purchased and any other information you have chosen to include in the email. You can add more than one email here if you would like a co-worker or event partner to receive the same notification.

Click the green ‘Save Changes’ button when you’re done! 

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