How to Download Participant Data

28 Nov, 2019 09:48 By: Nikki Hawkes

The participant data for your event can include useful information for you as an organiser, your medical team, your event staff and for marketing purposes. Emergency contact details, referral information, entry dates and more can all be found on your participant datasheet. To download this, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Select the event you would like to download data for 

Go to your dashboard, and click manage on the right of the event 

Step 2: Select your Report Criteria

Select participants from the grey bar at the top. In the report criteria, you can select the relevant events you want to download reports for. 

Select the status criteria you want, which can be just one out of complete and removed, or it can be both of them. Then click ‘Regenerate Report’. 

Step 3: Export Report 

Click the blue ‘Export this Report’ button on the left. This will bring up a box where you can select your preferences for what information you would like to appear on your report. 

You can choose some of these fields, or all of them. To automatically select all the fields in one category, tick the box to the left of it (eg. the box to the left of ‘Standard Fields’  will automatically select all boxes seen in the picture). 

This will download a report to your computer which can be opened as a .csv file or in Excel.

On Hand To Help

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