Embedding the entry form on your own website

28 Nov, 2019 10:21 By: Nikki Hawkes

If you would like participants to buy tickets directly from your website, you can embed our entry form to your site to achieve just that. This way people won’t have to leave your site to buy tickets and can find out all your event information at the same time. To add the entry form to your website, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Select the event you want to embed on your dashboard 

Click the blue button that says ‘Manage Event’ on the right-hand side. 

Step 2: Select Widgets

Click on widgets at the top which will take you to the code to embed an entry form. If you are comfortable adding this widget to your website, go ahead and copy the code shown under ‘Code to add to your website’ to embed the entry form. 

If you need help doing this, you can contact support@eventrac.co.uk when embedding this into your site. 

Customizing your link

To change the image at the top of your entry form, scroll down on the left hand side of your dashboard and go to ‘Account & Users’. Here click on ‘Images/Logos’.

Here you will be able to amend the logo which is displayed on the form. 

On Hand To Help

The team at Eventrac are on hand to assist with all components of your event. From advice on promoting your event through low cost channels such as social media, to a guided tutorial on a specific feature of Eventrac. We are here to help.

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