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Event Marketing During Coronavirus: How to Shift Your Strategy Event Marketing During Coronavirus: How to Shift Your Strategy Read more
Socially Distanced Races How are Organisers Adapting Read more
How are Organisers Adapting How are Organisers Adapting Read more
Encourage your audience to train for delayed 2020 events Encourage your audience to train for delayed 2020 events Read more
Looking Beyond the Pandemic Precautionary Measures for Events on the Other Side Read more
Moving your club online: Online Coaching for Running Groups Moving your club online: Online Coaching for Running Groups Read more
Digital Marketing Tips for Targeting the ‘New Year New Me’ Resolutioners Digital Marketing Tips for Targeting the ‘New Year New Me’ Resolutioners Read more
Creating Tracking Links Creating Tracking Links Read more
Adding Discount Codes Adding Discount Codes Read more
Using your Participants as your Biggest Marketers We all understand the power of a personal recommendation; when someone you know and trust tells you to check something out, you’re much more likely to do so. Read more
Using Twitter to Market your Race Twitter is a great channel to promote your events on because people look to Twitter for live news, updates, and engaging content. Read more
Using Strava to Boost your Event By creating a club, you can add your races to the calendar, share training tips and race day info on here to engage with club members. You can then also re-invite athletes to take part in your future races!  Read more
Using High Profile Athletes to Market Your Race Paying celebrities to help promote your events is still common to gain credibility, exposure and popularity. But as social media grows, we enter the era of ‘Social Media Influencers’. Read more
Using Facebook Ads for your Event With more monthly active users than WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram combined, it makes sense to explore how Facebook can help you sell more tickets to your event and excite attendees leading up to the day. Read more
Using Discount Codes to Sell More Places People love a good deal — especially when it’s on a unique experience like a live event. Read more
Understanding your Race ROI ROI can seem like a daunting term to get your head around, but it's useful in defining and measuring event success, which is just as important as the race itself.  Read more
Tracking the Success of your Marketing Campaigns Tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns online – and getting the information you need to tweak them where necessary – is a critical aspect of race marketing success. Read more
Streamline your Race Day user Experience How can you curate a day where you minimise waiting times, shorten queues and let participants fully bask in the pre-race nervous hype and the post-race endorphins? Read more
Running a social media competition to boost entries Running a social media contest is an amazing opportunity to amplify your brand, draw attention to your live ticket sales and the highlights of your event. Read more
Managing your Event on Facebook Setting up a Facebook Event from your Page makes it easy for people to find your upcoming races. To promote your races you should be cashing in on social currency to spread the word and help you sell tickets. Read more
Optimise your Race Presence on Listing Sites Maintaining a consistent, accurate and appealing presence online for your race is crucial in attracting new participants and growing your event not just in numbers but as its own brand. Read more
Master Instagram for your events Whether you are already familiar with Instagram or brand new to the platform it is good to know how you can make the most of this marketing channel to help you decide whether you should be putting any time behind it. Read more
Make the Most of Ticket Pricing Tiers The right price can motivate people to buy tickets earlier, inspire ticket buyers to rally their friends, and increase your revenue. Read more
Building a Facebook Presence for your Event Facebook isn’t new, and neither is the idea that every business needs a Facebook presence. However, a lot has changed since Facebook first entered the marketing scene. Read more
5 Ways to Make your Event Authentic Giving your event authenticity doesn’t have to be hard, but it can make a big difference to the experience it gives your participants, which will ultimately bring them back in years to come. Read more

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