Eventrac Integrates Racecheck Reviews To Boost Entries & SEO

Did you know that independent Racecheck reviews can help you increase click-through rates by over 10% and convert 20% more of your event website visitors into paying participants? 

Now using eventrac’s new integrated Racecheck automated review and feedback function, you can automatically request, receive and display gold-starred Racecheck reviews from your finishers that will make your event stand out.

eventrac users simply connect their free or premium Racecheck account to benefit from using eventrac’s inbuilt email service to schedule and automate sending a post-race review request to every participant prompting them to submit a Racecheck review.

This new labour-saving process for Racecheck users is expected to increase the volume of reviews requested by race organisers and received from participants. Subsequently, the organiser’s management dashboard and web pages will display a live feed of their participants' Racecheck reviews.

Free To Use

Racecheck is a freemium service, so there’s no reason not to give it a go. The basic version is free to try, and when you are willing to pay for the premium features and capabilities, you can upgrade to a monthly plan. The Premium version will enable SEO benefits and boost sales conversion on-site and give you access to the expanded review box where participants can read reviews without leaving your website.

Free Upgrade to Premium Trial

For new Racecheck users, we have a free upgrade to their premium service for one month; all you need to do is sign up here and enter the code RCEVENTRAC1 when starting a premium trial subscription.

How Racecheck Reviews Work For You 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using eventrac with Racecheck reviews to enhance your races.


Reviews are already out there, happening, in places where you don’t have control - Google, Social media or third-party platforms. Eventrac with Racecheck brings it all into one place, so you can harness the benefits and manage the conversation.

Enhance Your SEO

One of the core benefits of managing reviews through Racecheck is the positive influence on search engine relevancy. Reviews are loaded with keywords - the words that help align your website with specific search terms - and the more reviews associated with your race, the greater the benefit across a broader range of searches. Your star rating can also appear as rich snippets next to your google search listing, further improving click-through-rates by over 10%!

Social Proof

The intangible force behind reviews - the influence. The confirmation that entering your race is the right decision, supported by the masses of previous finishers and their positive experiences. Reviews guide and reassure, and the honest details enable people to make informed decisions about which races to enter.

The Traffic Stays With You

It’s simple. By keeping everything in one place - your webpages you reduce the likelihood of a visitor diverting away and becoming distracted. Think of it like making your website water-tight. Any reason for someone looking elsewhere for information is a leak, and reviews plug the holes so you capture more entries.

Honest. Credible. Believable

Racecheck reviews can only be written by someone who was there and took part, and are regularly checked for validity. It’s these credible stories from real experiences that are the most potent way to cut through and inspire your future race starters.

Refine Your Experience

Should there have been one more aid station? Were there enough toilets? Were the marshals well informed? This is the nitty-gritty that you won’t know until the race has been run. These are the details that enable you to improve your race experience and most importantly show that you are listening. Racecheck will also provide you with a full insight analytics report, derived from reviews, so you don’t have to spend time reading through each one of them.

Ramp Up Your Reviews with Racecheck and eventrac

Schedule a chat with us or a demo to see how easily you can increase your conversions with eventrac and Racecheck automated review and feedback features.