Use These Post-Sign-Up Touchpoints To Build Loyalty

Create a Post-Sign-Up experience that boosts loyalty and drives referrals

Once your sign-up button is clicked, are you taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase your exceptional customer service and set your event apart from your competitors? 

From sending your branded sign-up confirmation emails to surprising loyal customers with unexpected rewards, your post-sign-up experience should create a positive impression that your customers will want to share.

A poor post-sign-up experience with infrequent communication, insufficient information, and slow-to-no customer support can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, often resulting in negative social media posts that will influence potential customers.

Use your post-sign-up touchpoints

Using eventrac the post-sign-up experience can be broken down into easy-to-manage personalised touchpoints such as:

- automated transactional emails
- frequent email updates and newsletters
- event briefings
- templated celebratory occasion emails
- easy access to smart FAQs and customer support

Post-event, with eventrac, continue to impress your customers with:

- automatic review and feedback requests
- event results and photos
- surprise loyalty rewards
- post-event news and interesting content

Nurture your customers, increase entries

In one place, eventrac provides you with all the online tools you need including a FREE email marketing service to create a personalised post-sign-up experience for your customers. 

Frequent communication, providing essential information, offering assistance, addressing concerns, and saying thank you will result in improved customer satisfaction and increased customer referrals.

Get Started Building Customer Loyalty

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