Great News: TimeOutdoors Partners With eventrac

Now effortlessly increase your entries with TimeOutdoors and eventrac

eventrac users can now effortlessly expose their events to a new audience and secure more entries through eventrac's latest partnership with TimeOutdoors.

TimeOutdoors is a thriving online community for outdoor enthusiasts offering thousands of runs, rides, swims, walks, triathlons, challenges, and other activities across the UK. It’s quickly becoming the go-to platform for adventure seekers.

With this partnership, visitors on the TimeOutdoors website can seamlessly sign up for events organised by eventrac software users without leaving the platform. This creates a quick and simple way for people to discover and register for events in just a few clicks.

James Shipley, CEO of ATW Events and a client of eventrac, has been impressed with the results of using TimeOutdoors to reach a new audience.

“Since partnering with TimeOutdoors, we have seen a remarkable increase in race entries and have successfully reached a new community of athletes.”

Aaron Bird, CEO of eventrac, explains "In an increasingly crowded sports event market, organisers must reach new audiences. With this new feature, we've simplified the process for event organisers using eventrac to access the TimeOutdoors audience, which will help increase their sign-ups."

Andrew Risbey, Founder of TimeOutdoors, adds, “This is a great addition to the TimeOutdoors website as it creates an incredibly simple user journey from finding an event to getting signed up and for our event organisers we avoid all the usual headaches of managing data from an external site as entries go straight into the eventrac platform.”

About eventrac

eventrac is dedicated to helping endurance sports events and businesses grow. In one online place, we provide all the online tools, data, analytics, integrations, support and innovations sports event organisers need to deliver outstanding events and customer experiences.

About TimeOutdoors

TimeOutdoors is on a mission to build the UK's healthiest community with thousands of outdoor activities, a supportive social platform, challenges to keep people motivated and no-nonsense health and wellbeing advice.

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