ClubHub: The Group for all Clubs, Committees and Group Leaders

16/1/2020 05:22

The Group for all Clubs, Committees and Group Leaders

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Digital Marketing Tips for Targeting the ‘New Year New Me’ Resolutioners

08/1/2020 11:08

Digital Marketing Tips for Targeting the ‘New Year New Me’ Resolutioners

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Time-Saving Tools for your Events

19/11/2019 04:12

As a race director, it's pretty common for your to-do list to be ever-growing and to feel constantly harassed by deadlines. One of the best ways to tackle this is to find ways of doing things smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

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The Right Event for your Portfolio

19/11/2019 03:31

There are so many races to choose from out there, so if you're organising a new race, you want to make it special.

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Creating a Robust Race Budget

19/11/2019 03:09

When planning your race, there’s one step that is essential to making that event happen: creating the race budget. Luckily, it’s a repeated action so you can easily create a basic framework for your budget.

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Choosing the right Location for your Race

19/11/2019 02:45

Location is a big-ticket item that sets the tone of your event, so it’s important to get it right. Before setting your heart on a space, make sure you know exactly what to look for.

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Choosing the right Event Date

19/11/2019 02:35

Scheduling your race is one of your more important tasks as a race director. You need to choose a date that makes sense for the location you've selected.

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Timing Strategy for your Marketing Messages

19/11/2019 02:14

Timing is everything – right? Well, it may not be everything, but it certainly matters, especially when it comes to getting subscribers to notice and open your emails,  facebook users to like your posts or announcing your biggest news.

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How to Communicate with Potential Customers

19/11/2019 01:52

Effective event communication can act as a tool to use in your marketing campaigns, to stay engaged with people who are ‘interested’ but not ‘signed up’ to your race yet.

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Your eventrac Experience!

17/10/2018 09:14

Whether you are a new organiser listing your first event on the eventrac entry platform or a regular user, we want you and your participants to get the very best out of the platform.

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Maximising Merchandise Sales through your Event

16/10/2018 08:24

When participants enter your event, they are not just buying into the ‘on the day’ experience, they are also buying into your brand ethos and the community that you build around it.

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Do I need an Instagram for my Event?

10/9/2018 11:09

Just when you thought there were enough social media platforms to manage when promoting your event, along came Instagram!

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Introducing a Third Category of sports event entry

31/7/2018 09:05

Recently eventrac has been asked by some organisers to extend their entry platform to give a “gender neutral” tick box option and we have been happy to help.

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Marketing 'What Makes YOU Different?'

30/7/2018 03:00

There is no doubt that Race Organisers, Directors & Event Managers are having to be a lot smarter in the way they reach out to new entrants whilst retaining the ones they already have.

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Sublime Ads for A Sublime Event

30/7/2018 10:33

Starting out with Facebook Ads isn't straightforward, that is while we scale up from next to nothing until you gain your first entries. Don't be put off by social jargon and give it a try!

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Increasing Entries for The Pendle Running Festival

14/6/2018 12:19

The team at Pendle Running Festival came to us and asked us how to best run Facebook ads to increase their entries with only a month to go until Race Day, we accepted the challenge.

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How to Find Volunteers for your Event

11/6/2018 10:03

Finding enough people to give up their time to help can be challenging and time consuming for over-stretched event organisers. That is not to say that these people don’t exist though.

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Optimise your Race Presence on Listing Sites

09/5/2018 02:15

Maintaining a consistent, accurate and appealing presence online for your race is crucial in attracting new participants.

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Use Discount Codes to Sell More Places

08/5/2018 01:39

There are many ways to increase your race entries and one of them is being smart when using discount codes.

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Capture your Race

22/3/2018 02:37

Photography and Promotion advice to Maximise Interest and Exposure at your Event.

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Opening your Race for Entries

28/2/2018 08:09

Get your Race Open early and Effectively and don’t miss those extra keen Participants, what are you waiting for?

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The Simple Facebook Checklist

22/2/2018 10:06

Establish a professional look for your brand or event that gives an air of digital credibility to the races you organise.

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