Try This Simple Post-Event Email Campaign To Boost Entries

Because your existing customers are 14 times more likely to buy than new customers.

Post-event emails work well because the probability of selling to an existing customer is as high as 70% and for a new one it's as low as 5%.

Here’s how you can run a FREE post-event personalised email marketing campaign that builds and rewards customer loyalty and secures early entries for the next event.

Using eventrac your automated post-event personalised email marketing campaign could look like this 

A simple post-event mail sequence

Email Sequence Time Frame Personalised Message Subject
First email Send on event day  Thank you for racing with us
Second mail As soon as possible  Here are your race results
Third mail 1 day later How did we do? Please review us and give some feedback
Fourth mail 2 days later Take a look at your race photos
Fifth mail 4 days later  Here are our future events you’ll want to sign up to

Creating post-event email marketing messages that work

Every email marketing message in your post-race campaign is a timely opportunity to introduce a compelling sales offer to your existing customers.

The "Review and Feedback" message

eventrac offers a choice of free review and feedback features that automate sending a post-race review request to every participant and if you have a RaceCheck account you can automatically send email requests for reviews and manage your RaceCheck reviews within eventrac.

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Reward loyalty and win entries with referral marketing

It’s natural for a happy customer to share their enthusiasm for an event that they feel their friends and family will be interested in.

Use eventrac's automated incentive referral marketing tools to reward your participants, eventrac enables you to automatically deposit £’s credit into a referrers’ secure account profile when they successfully refer their friends, family or colleagues. 

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Include a hard-to-refuse "Early Bird" offer

Early bird discounts are incredibly effective. They encourage early signups and create a buzz about an event.

eventrac's automated pricing increases and limited-time discount codes combined with a personalised email marketing message will boost your entries.

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Reward loyalty with gift cards and promo codes

eventrac enables you to offer your "own-brand" gift cards or use promo codes to reward specific loyal participants, you'll get them to sign up early to race again with you at a lower price, generate revenue and boost their loyalty too

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Use tracking links to measure your success

Don’t forget to use eventrac's unique tracking links to identify the specific email marketing messages and online sales tools that generate the highest entries, so you can make sure you use your marketing budget and effort where it’s most effective.

Now start nurturing your customers

eventrac’s marketing automation makes managing leads and customers easier, our marketing tools talk with our integrated email to let you create and send professional email marketing messages and there's no need to create and export lists to an expensive third-party email service like MailChimp nor get to grips with yet another software program.

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