Is Your Marketing Ready to Celebrate Dads?

Father's Day is on June 19th. Get selling gift cards!

Whether your goal is to grow entries, increase merchandise sales, boost your event and brand awareness, or build customer loyalty, eventrac has the perfect online gift card selling and marketing tools.

Boost Your Brand Awareness with Your Own Brand Gift Cards

Offer your existing customers and social media audience the opportunity to purchase your "own brand" Father's Day gift cards before June 19th. 

FREE Personalised Email Marketing Makes It Easy

We consider every special occasion a gift card-selling event. Our integrated FREE email marketing tool makes it quick and easy to send personalised messages to your customers, promoting the idea of gifting digital gift cards for any occasion throughout the year.

Simple Steps to Start Selling Digital Gift Cards

As an eventrac customer, you can start selling and promoting your own brand digital gift cards for your events in just a few clicks:

  1. Add your own brand digital gift cards to your online shop

  2. Send a FREE Email Campaign:
    Use our built-in email marketing tools with drag-and-drop customisable templates to create the perfect gift card-selling message.

  3. Attract new customers by sharing your gift card promotions on your social media channels.

Accurately Measure Your Success

 Using eventrac's unique tracking links, you can effortlessly monitor the effectiveness of all your online marketing activities and see exactly what’s working for you.

Get Started Now with Gift Cards 

Schedule a short chat or a demo with us to learn more about using eventrac gift cards to boost your entries throughout the year.