How to Offer Your Event as an Alternative to the London Marathon

Over 840,000 hopefuls, only 17,000 will get in. Act now to transform their disappointment into opportunity.

This year, over 840,000 hopefuls, including some of your customers, applied for the London Marathon, but only about 17,000 will get a spot.

That’s a 2% success rate, some of your customers will likely be disappointed when the London Marathon Ballot results are emailed in July.

Start now to transform their disappointment into an opportunity using eventrac's FREE email marketing templates to offer your event as an alternative to the London Marathon.

Three simple steps to offer your event as an alternative

1. Get your message out there:
Use eventrac’s FREE integrated email marketing with templated messages.

With just a few clicks, you can launch an effective two-stage email marketing campaign using our personalised templates below.


To watch our explainer video on "How to Create Your London Marathon Alternative email campaign," click here.

2. Consider offering a Time-Limited Discount Code:
Reinforce your message with a special discount code to help “overcome the disappointment” and motivate prompt sign-ups.

3. Leverage Social Media:
Boost your message with social media posts. Use eventrac’s unique tracking links in your posts and email marketing messages to identify where your sign-ups are coming from and which marketing channels are working best for you.

Get started now offering Ballot Relief to your disappointed runners

Act now to transform disappointment into opportunity and keep your customers’ marathon dreams alive!

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