10 Website Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Event

Your website is the first impression people get. Do you know what they think about yours?

Your website is the first impression people get when they check out your events online.  

Do you know what they think about yours?

Ask yourself

  • How does your site compare with your competitors' websites?
  • Is it as easy to use as the other sites your customers visit daily?
  • Does it tell your event’s story well and build your reputation, or is it just about selling tickets?

Here are ten signs of a poorly designed website that you should watch out for and avoid:

  1. Not Mobile-Friendly
    Everyone’s on their phones so your site needs to look great on all devices.
  2. Bad Images
    Your pictures should tell the story of your event—remember, a picture’s worth a thousand words.
  3. Too Much Text
    Nobody likes endless scrolling and reading walls of text. Keep it short and sweet.
  4. Complicated Navigation
    Make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for and sign up quickly for your event.
  5. Broken Links or Buttons
    Dead links make your site look unprofessional. Make sure everything works smoothly.
  6. Bad Colour and Font Choices
    Stick to light backgrounds and simple, dark fonts. It’s easier on the eyes, like reading a book.
  7. Outdated Branding
    Make sure your site matches your current brand colours, logo, and style.
  8. Needless Extra Steps
    Don’t make people create an account before they sign up for your event. Keep it quick and simple!
  9. Confusing Clicks-Away
    Keep your visitors on your site, not sending them off to third-party websites. You avoid confusion and build trust.
  10. Poor Search Engine Optimisation
    Your site is unlikely to appear in top search engine results, leading to reduced traffic, and missed opportunities.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you will create a website that looks good and shows off the quality and value of your events.

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