Want to connect with riders?

Use Netflix's NEW "Tour de France: Unchained" to connect with customers and new entrants.

Do you want to connect with riders?

Starting on June 11, Netflix will air Season 2 of its fly-on-the-wall eight-part docuseries "Tour de France: Unchained," which goes behind the scenes of last year's Tour de France.

For cycling event organisers, this is a perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships with your existing customers and attract new, younger riders who love watching Netflix.

To watch the full trailer released by Netflix France, click here.

How to boost entries with NetFlix's TDF: Unchained

Check out our tips and tricks to make the most of the buzz around Netflix’s New TDF: Unchained and The TDF itself:

1. Email Your Customers

Use eventrac’s FREE email marketing to send a friendly, personalised email to your existing customers, giving them a heads-up about Netflix's Tour de France: Unchained starting on June 11 and this year’s Tour de France starting on June 29.

In the same email, promote your events with a strong call to action. Offer a limited-time discount or a percentage off to encourage quick sign-ups.

Why not add a double-sided referral incentive? It’s a great way to get your existing customers to bring in new ones.
Fun fact: PayPal grew by 1650% using referral marketing!

2. Get Social For New Customers

Reach a wider audience by posting a special offer with tags referencing TDF and Netflix’s Unchained. This will increase the chances of your post being seen by your target audience.

Connect with your riders using eventrac

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