How Do You Boost Your Event Brand And Improve Email Deliverability?

With a @yourowndomain email address, you will increase email deliverability and boost your event brand

Are you sending email messages to your customers using your registration software provider's email address, and or using a @hotmail or @gmail address?

Instead, you can easily use your @yourowndomain email address to increase the exposure of your event or brand and improve your email deliverability.

Get A Free Boost For Your Event and Brand

Just think every time your customers receive an email from @yourowndomain address, you are promoting your event or brand name again and again.

However, every time your customers receive an email about your event from a @hotmail or @gmail address or your registration software provider's email address you are weakening your brand and you risk confusing your customers.

Appear Professional and Trustworthy

First impressions count, having your email address match your event or brand website domain name provides your events and brand with a professional and trustworthy appearance. 

Higher Email Deliverability

Sending all your email marketing messages, newsletters, thanks, praise and more from your @yourowndomain email address means you will significantly decrease the risk of being marked as spam, blocked or rejected by an ISP.

You Avoid Confusing Your Customers

Sending customers emails from different addresses will confuse them.

Would they know which address to respond to if they have questions? 

Which email address do they trust to provide up-to-date accurate information?

Stay in Control

Does a participant unsubscribing or altering their email preferences with a registration software provider impact the emails sent by other event organisers using the same service provider?

Quick Six Benefits Of Using @yourowndomain Email Address 

It’s clear that there are significant benefits to using your domain to email customers

  1. Sending emails from your domain is more professional-looking
  2. Emails sent from your domain automatically increase your brand exposure 
  3. Emails from your domain are less likely to end up in spam or junk folders
  4. Emails from your domain are more likely to be read
  5. You make it easy for email recipients to hit reply with questions about your email.
  6. A matching email domain and website domain will improve search engine rankings.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Brand

eventrac delivers millions of brand-boosting personalised emails a year on behalf of sports events organisers to their customers.

Book a short fact-finding call with us about how you can use your @yourowndomain email address to boost your events and brand.