5 Ways Virtual Gift Cards Benefit Sports Event Organisers

For over 13 consecutive years gift cards have topped Christmas lists being requested by 59 percent of those surveyed.

For over 13 consecutive years gift cards have topped Christmas lists being requested by 59 percent of those surveyed.  So it’s no surprise that businesses all over the world use gift cards to raise awareness and grow their sales.

Gift cards in the sports event industry have not been widely used, mainly because they didn't fit with the registration process, but eventrac has changed that for you.

Whatever the size of your events business promoting your brand’s virtual gift card in marketing emails, social media posts and ads will create invaluable additional interaction with your existing participants and benefit your business:

5 reasons why gift cards work in events

  1. Virtual Gift cards can help build brand awareness online.  Use social media posts and ads to promote your virtual gift cards
  2. Virtual gift cards can increase Christmas sales. For the “hard to buy for“ a virtual gift card for a favourite event is a great christmas gift to give or receive.
  3. Virtual gift cards create and deepen customer relationships. Receiving a virtual gift card should be the start of a long customer relationship with lots of future revenue-generating opportunities.
  4. Virtual gift cards identify your most loyal participants. Virtual gift card givers are your brand evangelists. Cherish them, they will provide you with the least expensive route to new entrants. 
  5. Virtual Gift cards improve cash flow. Selling virtual gift cards allows you to generate revenue in advance of providing products or services


Here's the good news for Eventrac users 

Setup gift cards redeemable against your races in minutes

This works very simply.  

  • Create the gift cards and specify which races they can be redeemed against.
  • Add the gift cards to your shop and enable people to purchase them.   
  • The recipient’s name and email address are entered, and they are then notified of their gift.
  • They can then use the gift card to redeem the amount when they enter and keep any remaining balance for future events