75% of referrals are likely to enter your event

Boost your entries with eventrac automated referrals and rewards

Here’s a few impressive stats below that show why we've automated entry boosting referral marketing for you. Now with eventrac you can easily reward your customers when they refer their friends and tempt their friends to join in with a special offer too.

  • Over 90% of participants trust referrals from friends and family
  • Conversion rates are 4x better for those who get a recommendation
  • Over 75% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when receiving a referral
  • A word-of-mouth recommendation brings in 5x the sales that a paid ad brings in
  • A direct referral is a primary factor in nearly half of purchases
  • Half of consumers say that family, friends, and colleagues are the most important sources of brand awareness
  • Over half of shoppers share some of their purchases on social media
  • More than half of consumers are likely to give a referral if they have a direct incentive
  • Nearly 80% of shoppers leave social media likes to get discounts or rewards

All statistics are from Software Advice, Forbes, Nielsen, and Market Force.

Referral Marketing - We all do it naturally 

It’s natural for a happy customer to share their enthusiasm for an event that they feel their friends and family will be interested in. We all do that! Therefore any recommendation your happy customer makes is already targeted at an interested audience and more likely to convert to a new customer for you. 

Referral Marketing Types You Can Use

Single Sided Incentive Referral

In a typical single sided referral program, you give your referrer a reward for a recommendation.

For example, give your referrer 25% off their next purchase.

Double Sided Incentive Referral 

However if you want to make that conversion more likely the most effective referral marketing tool you can use is a double sided incentive. That's offering an incentive to both parties for their action, the referrer to tell and the friend to buy. 

For example, with a double sided referral you give your referrer 15% off their next purchase along with a £10 gift card for a friend to enter.

Cumulative Incentive Referrals

A cumulative incentive can work well, where referring customers earn credits over time for multiple referrals.

For example offer free or deeply discounted entry or merchandise, but only after a customer has brought in several successful referrals. 

Points Win Prizes

eventrac can gamify that experience for your customers through a point system that shows customers how close they are to getting their hands on an exclusive reward for their referrals.

How to get started with Referral Marketing

1. Identify the incentives you can offer

  • Free or deeply discounted event entry

  • Gift cards

  • Merchandise

2. Make sure your customers know about it

eventrac’s inbuilt email marketing service makes it easy for you to create and send a personalised message to your existing customers, where appropriate you can also include an offer in any of your race’s outgoing transactional emails and make sure your offer is on your website and on your social media too.

3. Let eventrac automate it for you

Each and every participant that enters your events gets their own unique referral code.  As your participants start referring their friends, you can use your eventrac dashboard to track your referrals and reward performers, send personalised congratulatory messages to your top performers and motivating messages to encourage non-performers to join in.

Talk with us about referral marketing 

Schedule a chat with us or a demo to find out more about how eventrac’s automated referral marketing tools and integrated email service can help you run your own entry boosting referral marketing campaign.