email Christmas cards to boost your events

Sending email Christmas cards can boost your events in six different ways

Emailing personalised Christmas cards to your customers is a great way to say thanks for participating, increase brand and event awareness, generate extra sales and stand out from your competitors. 

eventrac's FREE email marketing with customisable Christmas email templates makes it easy for you to send personalised Christmas cards to your customers that could boost your events and business in the following six ways:

1. Generating goodwill, a personalised Christmas card is a great way to show your customers they are valued and to build long-term relationships.

2. Increasing awareness of your brand and events by sending a customised Christmas card with your logo, business, and event name.

3. Win back "non-active" customers. emailing a personalised Christmas card with a "we've missed you" message and a discount code or gift card could encourage them to sign up next year.

Bonus - They will likely return bringing friends too. 

4. Reward your most loyal customers. emailing a Christmas card, with a personalised "thanks" for racing with us, and consider including a discount code or gift card for use when they sign up.

Bonus - When they come back they will likely bring friends with them.

5. Say thanks. Use your Christmas card to send a personalised "thanks" for your help or another positive message and consider including a promo code or gift card too.

6. Stand out from the crowd and your competitors. Everyday emails may not be read but most of your customers will open a Christmas card and see your personalised message.

Bonus -Your Christmas card to your customers will make you stand out from the crowd of event organisers who don't bother.

Try Our Free Email Christmas Card Service

eventrac’s FREE inbuilt email marketing service has a variety of customisable Christmas Greetings Card email templates you can use. They make it quick and easy to create and schedule sending a personalised Christmas message to any or all of your contacts.

Enhance Your Christmas Greetings With A Gift Card

You can offer your "own-brand" digital Christmas gift cards in just a few clicks.

Recipients can use their digital gift card when they enter one of your events or purchase merchandise and keep any remaining balance for future events.

It’s Easy To Start Selling Your Own Digital Christmas Gift Cards

You can start promoting your own brand digital gift cards as a Christmas present idea to your customers in just a few clicks.

Christmas gift card recipients will automatically receive their digital gift card on Christmas Day or any other date the gifter specified at purchase.

Get Your Christmas Gift Card Idea Out There

Use eventrac's built-in email marketing to send personalised messages promoting your Christmas gift cards, and spread your gift idea through social media too.