Are You Losing Sales?

In e-commerce, there’s a direct connection between customer frustration and lost sales.

In e-commerce, there’s a direct connection between customer frustration and lost sales.  

Frustrations in e-commerce refer to anything that slows down or gets in the way of the smooth and seamless flow of the customer's online shopping experience.

The higher the hassle, the fewer people will complete their purchase.

As an event organiser using e-commerce to sell entries and more online, you should be aiming to make your customer’s purchase as quick and easy as possible.  

You benefit too by streamlining your processes because removing needless steps and third parties also reduces the potential for things to go wrong.  

Are You Frustrating Your Customers?

• One of the most common complaints heard in e-commerce usability research is about compulsory account creation/registration. 

• Who doesn’t dislike that, don’t we all get frustrated with remembering usernames and passwords for all the sites we visit?

Extra Steps Which Frustrate Customers

• Forcing your customers to create an account before they sign up for your event.

• Sending potential customers away and off-brand to a third-party website rather than keeping them on your own website. 

Take Control of Your Customer Journey

• Avoid sending your prospects to third-party websites where they could be distracted by your competitors' events.

• You can increase the strength of your own brand by reducing your prospects and customers' exposure to third-party brands.

• It is important to ensure that if customers encounter any issues or have positive feedback, they know to contact you instead of another brand.

The higher the hassle, the fewer people will go on to complete their sign-up.

Offer A Hassle-Free Customer Experience

With eventrac, you will delight your customers with a hassle-free fast sign-up, a choice of tickets and the opportunity to buy all the merchandise they love with the convenience of being able to easily manage their own entry which in turn will save you heaps of time and money answering support calls.

eventrac enables you to immerse your customers in a “your own brand building” experience starting from before they encounter your website through to race day and beyond as you continue to use our cutting-edge marketing tools to nurture a long and profitable relationship.

For ambitious endurance sports event organisers, eventrac can be a growth engine for your events and business, one place powering everything you need to deliver a great customer experience.