Boost your event and business with a members club.

Event directors, are you looking to grow your events and enhance your brand?

Event directors, are you looking to grow your events, increase your revenue and enhance your brand? 

Consider creating your own Members Club. 

eventrac makes it simple for you to set up an exclusive Members Club with member benefits that will make your events and brand stand out and generate extra recurring revenue throughout the year. 

With eventrac, your own-brand Members Club is fully automated.

eventrac manages free or paid memberships, collecting recurring subscription payments and immediately applying member discounts during event registration or purchases.

Your club members can enjoy privileged access to a range of benefits chosen by you, such as reduced entry costs, discounted merchandise, advance news, freebies, competitions, and perhaps VIP treatment on the event day. 

Moreover, eventrac offers free integrated email marketing tools to help you promote your club and send personalised messages featuring exclusive member offers and news. 

By creating a Members Club using eventrac, you can enjoy the following benefits:

- Your events stand out from the competition
- Boost your revenues
- Improve customer retention
- Encourage repeat business
- Increase customer lifetime value
- Build stronger relationships with your customers
- Increase customer satisfaction

Ready to get started with your own Members Club?

Schedule a short chat or demo with us to learn more about eventrac’s Members Club feature and how it can benefit your events and business.