Here Is a risk-free easy way to earn extra

There’s no need to purchase, store or ship items.

Here is a risk-free easy way to boost your event earnings. 

eventrac is launching an exciting new risk-free feature with Runr that enables you to earn extra by offering their high-quality lifestyle and fitness clothing to your customers.

The best part? It's risk-free extra income!

There’s no need to purchase or store or ship items, that's all done for you by Runr.

How does It work?

In your eventrac dashboard, you choose which Runr products you want to promote.

Decide what product(s) you display and where:

  • Your registration flow
  • Your online shop

Then when your customer makes a purchase, Runr takes care of managing and delivering the order right to the customer's door. 

eventrac manages the transaction for you, instantly crediting your account with sales commission and paying Runr too.

Then take it up a notch with email marketing

eventrac’s free email marketing makes it easy to up your earnings with Runr. 

In your eventrac simply choose a Runr offer email marketing template to create and send a personalised email message with a Runr offer to all of your customers. 

It gets even better. 

When you sell Runr risk-free online with eventrac, you can qualify for event support from the company, which can include: 

  • Event day spot prizes.
  • Special offers.
  • Unique competition for your entrants.
  • Event review incentives.

If you have any questions about this amazing opportunity or wish to apply to Runr for event support, feel free to get in touch with us or Runr.