See How Easy It Is To Find Extra Entries

At a glance, eventrac’s Heat Map reveals the entries you’re missing

At a glance, eventrac’s Heat Map reveals the entries you’re missing.

You can quickly see if you’re reaching all of your event's potential customers and work out where to focus your marketing efforts to secure new entries. 

Recruit and Reward Local Sellers For Extra Entries

Now you can easily identify and recruit the local sports clubs, leisure centres and shops and automatically reward them when they talk to their customers about your event and get you new entries

There’s no additional admin work for you, eventrac will automatically reward your local affiliates when they refer a new customer to you

Fine-tune Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Target Free Social Media Groups

Looking at your heat map it should be clear where to look for the local social media sporting or community groups that could provide free extra exposure and entries for your events.

Make sure to use location-related hashtags on your social media posts to build a connection with potential customers in your target area. 

Focus Paid Social Media Ads On Specific Geographic Locations

At a glance, you can see the exact geographic locations county/region or town/city where you need to target your paid social media activity.

Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

Using eventrac’s unique tracking links in your social media and all marketing communications will help you identify what methods are working for you.

Making Sense of Spreadsheets

eventrac’s stunning data visualisations automatically take your current and past event’s raw numbers and turn them into at a glance easily understandable bar, line, matrix or pie charts or heat maps so you can instantly see what’s going on and where you need to focus your attention.