Boost Your Entries: Unleash Your Super Power of Special Offers!

Give your new and existing customers a reason to sign up, and they will.

If you’re looking for more entries then consider promoting a special offer in your email marketing or on social media to give new and existing customers a reason to visit your website and sign up.

A Special Offer Can

  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Speed up your sales

Event Launch Offer Example

Instead of just announcing an upcoming event, why not offer a special launch deal? Give your customers a reason they can't refuse to sign up.

Here are some easy-to-use automated Special Offer formats you’ll find in eventrac:

  • Discounted pricing - Early Bird etc
  • Multi-buy price reductions
  • Series event ticket pricing 
  • A money-off voucher with a sign-up.
  • Earn double points with an eventrac loyalty program.
  • Receive £’s reward for every successful referral.
  • Joint promotion with a partner business.


Remember, to create urgency and encourage early signs ups by highlighting that your offer is time or quantity-limited.


Bonus: eventrac’s FREE email marketing service makes it easy for you to send personalised sales offers to your existing customers. 

Double-Bonus: Using eventrac's unique tracking links, you can effortlessly monitor the effectiveness of all your online marketing activities.

Ready To Get Started With Special Offers?

Schedule a short chat or demo with us to learn more about eventrac’s special offer feature and how they can benefit your events and business.