The How And Why To Stay In Touch With Your Customers

If you want to remain your customers' first choice you need to communicate with them as frequently as possible.

If you want to boost your sales and make sure your events and brand remain your customers' first choice you need to communicate with them as frequently as possible.

Thankfully eventrac's automated email marketing makes it easy to treat your customers like good friends and stay in touch with them.

Love Them or Lose Them

For organisers like you, there are lots of natural touch-points and opportunities both before and after sign-up to inform, say thanks, send praise and celebrate with your customers and subscribers.

You will benefit from improved customer loyalty and increased sales by regularly sending personalised messages that also include your upcoming events, merchandise and services too

Grow Your Email List Easily

eventrac makes it easy to grow your subscriber base by automatically obtaining consent during signup.  

With our new subscriber widget, you can collect and encourage new subscribers directly from your website, landing pages or blog that feeds directly into your eventrac email system.

Then eventrac’s free built-in email marketing means it takes just a few clicks for you to send personalised mail that will keep you connected to your subscribers and customers

10 Tips And Tricks On How To Stay In Touch With Your Customers

1. Celebrate Birthdays And Holidays

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday or another special occasion.

Send a personalised email message and maybe include a gift card too for your most loyal customers they can use it to enter one of your races or redeem it when they buy merchandise from you.

2. Offer A Referral Deal - It’s A Natural Thing

Send your customers a referral deal. Happy customers will naturally share an event that they feel their friends and family will be interested in.

eventrac automates the referral deal process for you offering an incentive to both parties for their action, the referrer to tell and the friend to buy. 

3. Recognise And Reward Loyalty

Identify your most frequent returners and referrers so you can show them that you appreciate their loyalty by sending a personalised email with a gift card or a discount code they can use to enter one of your races or redeem when they buy merchandise from you.

4. Send Newsletters

Send email newsletters to your customers keeping them up to speed on your events, news around the sport and your team members' happenings too. 

5. Send Exclusive Previews

Another way to keep in touch with your customers as well as make them feel special is to give them previews of your plans for new events or items of merchandise they will be able to buy.

This allows you to promote your new offerings and makes your customers feel special. 

6. Make Recommendations

You can use recommendations for relevant sports products and services to stay in touch with customers in a variety of ways.  

eventrac allows you to easily sell products in your online store or effortlessly receive a sales commission for products your customers purchase from one of our retail partners.  

7. Ask For Feedback and Reviews

Pre-schedule sending an automated post-event survey email within 12 hours after your event. It’s perhaps the simplest way to show you care.

You can offer a discount code as an incentive to increase your survey participation levels. eventrac has a free review and feedback feature and seamless integration with Racecheck.

8. Send Calls To Action

Send a personalised email marketing message to communicate deadlines for your event price increases. Research shows 20% of all registrations were within 3 days of a price increase or entries closing.

9. Request Contact Information Updates

One last way to stay in touch with your customers is to send them an email asking them to verify that the contact information you have is accurate. This will help you with future communications and also show your customers that you care about keeping in touch with them.

Don’t Be a Stranger

By using some of these straightforward tips you can be sure to not only keep in touch with your customers but also to build a profitable long-lasting relationship.

With eventrac’s free email marketing and unrivalled online marketing tools, you are able to create many opportunities to stay in touch with your customers and grow your events.

Let’s Chat About Customer Love

For ambitious endurance sports event organisers, eventrac can be a growth engine for your events and business, one place powering everything you need to deliver a great customer experience.

If you want to improve your events and business, schedule a chat or demo with us. We'd be happy to see if we can help you spread some love.