Want Entries? Check This Stat

45% of participants would ask others to take part in your event

The Mass Participation Pulse Survey 2023 revealed that

"45% of survey responders (runners & riders) said they were likely, or very likely, to ask others to take part in an event"

Do you want to incentivise your existing customers to ask their friends, family and colleagues to take part in your events?

You should try eventrac’s unique incentive referral marketing feature.

Automatically your referrer gets rewarded for referring their friend, and the friend gets rewarded with a great deal when they sign up with you.

With a reward on offer and a special deal to boast about, your existing customers will be eager to spread the word about your events.

Better still, it's super easy for you to get started using eventrac’s free email marketing service to send personalised referral email marketing offers to your existing customers.

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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