Time To Plan For Growth In 2024

It's time to start making plans to grow your events and business next year.

For lots of sports event organisers, the season is almost over and it’s the right time to start thinking about the positive changes they need to make to grow their events and business next year.

Here are four key ways we believe that eventrac online software could help you grow your events and business.

1. Increase sales to existing customers

The simplest way to increase your sales is to sell more of the same to the customers who are already buying from you. For most sports event organisers this means:

  • selling more entries, merchandise and services to your existing customers
  • persuading one-off customers to become repeat customers
  • identifying customers who’ve stopped buying from you and winning them back

eventrac helps you identify growth opportunities. It’s easy for you to see who your customers are, the events they’ve entered and what you sold to them. 

You can quickly work out who’s stopped entering, and who you should be targeting to spend more with you. 

Then use eventrac’s FREE email marketing service to stay connected with your customers, and send frequent personalised emails with compelling offers and positive messages.

Try using gift cards to reward loyalty or start your own loyalty point scheme to encourage returners.

Fun Fact: it's less than 90 days to Christmas - eventrac makes it quick and easy to send a free personalised Christmas Greetings email to all of your customers

2. Attract new customers

One way of finding new customers for your events is by increasing awareness of your events. You can do this by:

  • incentivising your customers to recommend you to their friends and colleagues
  • recruiting local affiliates to talk about your events and rewarding them for sign-ups
  • using third-party marketing and review sites like Findarace and Racecheck

eventrac has FREE referral marketing tools that enable you to automatically offer an incentive to both parties for their action, the referrer to tell and the friend to buy.

eventrac’s software makes it easy for you to increase entries by automatically rewarding your local community recommenders only when they successfully refer a new customer to you.

eventrac lets you easily sell entries on popular third-party marketing sites, Find A Race and runABC whilst retaining one system to manage all of your entries. 

eventrac’s integration with Racecheck enables you to automatically request, receive and display gold-starred Racecheck reviews that will help your event stand out.

3. Offer new products for extra revenue

Are other event organisers competing for your audience, think about what will make your events different.

  • can you provide something better than what’s already available?
  • is it significantly different or better to what you’re already offering?
  • what about selling things in a different way? 

By developing new products and services, you can:

  • sell more to existing customers (making the most of existing relationships is cheaper than finding new customers)

Sell more risk-free with eventrac’s merchant platform, it’s a super feature because you don't have to worry about finding relevant products to sell online. 

Every time you sell a product from one of our retail partners, you earn a commission and the order goes directly to the retail partner for shipping. You don’t need to worry about storage, keeping stock or shipping.

Alternatively, open your own shop with eventrac, upload your product images and text, track your inventory and market your offerings to your customers using our free email marketing service.

Offer your own brand “Enter Now - Pay Later” interest-free monthly payment plans that give your customers the opportunity to sign up and buy all of the merchandise they love too, without blowing their budget.

Sell social group and corporate team tickets, eventrac incentivises multiple entrants from sports clubs, social groups, charity partners or corporate clients to enter a race together and makes it seamless for them to manage their own tickets. 

4. Adopt new ideas and practices

Can you automate to save time: Reduce your production and delivery costs. How about looking to cut out needless tasks that frustrate you and your customers?

Cut costs with eventrac’s free inbuilt email marketing service, it has a variety of customisable marketing and celebratory occasion email templates you can use. 

Free email makes it incredibly easy to stay in touch with your customers. Create, edit, schedule and or send a personalised message in just a few clicks.

You save time too because there's no need to frequently create and upload your latest contact list to an expensive third-party email service.

Reduce your admin overhead by allowing your participants to self-manage their own bookings, this means (optionally):

  • if their circumstances change they can edit their own entry
  • they can transfer or defer their own entry to another event (and you can charge an admin fee for that)
  • they can sell their entry to a friend or someone on your waiting list
  • they can cancel their own entry

Strengthen your customer support with eventrac’s Smart FAQ that’ll help your website visitor or customer quickly find an answer about your event without having to search your website, scroll through pages of text, or worse still, send you yet another email to read and respond to.

Save time, avoid conflict and make money by automating your withdrawal process with refund protection. Refund protection lets prospective participants know they can confidently enter your event and they won’t be left out of pocket if the worst happens to them.

Let's talk about your growth plan

eventrac has all the tools you need in one online place to grow your events and business.

If you want to know more or get started with eventrac please schedule a fact-finding call or a demo with us