Follow The Rule Of Seven To Build Your Brand and Events

The rule of seven is an old marketing rule that still applies in a digital world

What makes your event special isn’t just the quality of your events

There are a lot of other high-quality events out there.

The one thing that makes you stand out is your brand.

What is your brand?

Your brand is the face, reputation, and identity of your events, club or business. 

Everything from your logo, colours, font, and images, to your website, registration process, email marketing messages, social media pages and posts all contribute to your brand’s identity and potential customers' perception of you and your event(s).

What are you doing to build your brand?

You could try following The Rule of Seven

What Is the Rule of Seven?

The rule of seven is an old marketing rule. It suggests that the general public must be exposed to something at least seven times before buying it.

However “7” is an arbitrary number. It could take somebody more than seven times to see your brand before they become a first-time or a repeat customer. 

The idea is to make potential and existing customers aware or familiar with your brand only, by using your website, registration process, personalised email marketing messages, social media posts, and other marketing tools. 

Here are some brand-building touchpoints eventrac provides:

  • Website

    • Complete website

    • Event landing pages

    • Pop-up entry form widgets

  • Custom registration process

  • Automated transactional mails

  • Personalised email marketing messages

    • Event news

    • Regular newsletter

    • Celebratory occasions

      • Birthdays

      • Public holidays, Christmas etc

    • Sending praise

    • Saying thanks

      • Gift cards

      • Promo codes

    • Reviews and feedback

  • Word-of-mouth marketing

    • Incentive referral marketing tools

    • Affiliate marketing programs

  • Loyalty programs

  • Social Media pages and posts

Uniquely with eventrac, you can customise everything your customers see, from registration to race day, using your brand, logos, fonts, images and colours.

If you want to increase your event and brand’s visibility and entries using the Rule of Seven, schedule a fact-finding chat with us.