Need A Last-Minute Entries Boost?

There’s still time to use this effective last-minute marketing strategy to secure some easy registrations.

Your event is coming up and you’re worried about entry numbers. 

This is one of the most stressful parts of being an event organiser, especially if it looks like you need every entry to break even.

Don’t worry! There’s still time to use this effective last-minute marketing strategy to secure some easy registrations. 


Use Your Existing Customers

Customers who have already registered are a great source of new registrations. They have friends, family, and colleagues who would like to attend. You just need to get your existing customers to encourage them to sign up.

How do you get those existing customers to promote your event? Pay them! A little reward is often all people need to help out. 

Thankfully eventrac has automated everything you need to create simple tier-based rewards that’ll bring in new registrations. 

Rewards can be a credit to spend with you, an item of merchandise or even an Amazon gift card

For example:

  • If they bring you one registration, they receive £5 credit or a water bottle or an Amazon gift card.

  • If they bring you three registrations, they receive a £20 credit or a T-shirt or an Amazon gift card 

  • If they bring you 10 registrations, they receive a £100 credit, a pair of sunglasses or an Amazon gift card.

Compare this form of marketing to paid ads and you can quickly see the benefits


Get Your Last-Minute Offer Out There

Even better eventrac’s FREE inbuilt email marketing service makes it easy to quickly create and send a personalised referral and reward marketing offer to your existing customers.

Bonus - using eventrac online you can also promote your refer and reward marketing offers within your:

  • Event’s automated emails that follow up on everything from registration to participant self-management changes and more.

  • Email newsletters and blogs

  • Loyalty nurturing emails for celebratory occasions, birthdays, holidays etc


FREE eventrac for event organisers 

eventrac is a straightforward choice for sports event organisers who are looking to get better organised, save time and grow their events

There’s no upfront payment required to get started and in fact, most of our users pay nothing to use all the eventrac features and access live support whenever they need us.

And, because we know getting started with new software can be scary we’ll help you switch from your existing supplier.


Let’s Start Boosting Your Entries

Schedule a chat with us or an eventrac demo to find out how eventrac’s automated referral marketing tools and integrated email service can help you run your own automated entry-boosting refer and reward marketing campaign.