How Can Sports Event Organisers Improve Their Cash Flow?

Don't let registration software companies keep half of the fees until after the event.

Did you know that some third-party event registration software companies keep up to 50% of an event organiser's sales revenue until after the event has ended?

Should a third party control an event's cash flow?

We all know, that putting on a sports event is expensive.

Costs can pile up, leading to unexpected cashflow problems for many organisers.

A third-party registration company keeping up to half of the entry fees can only worsen the situation.

At eventrac, we believe that entry fees are essential for event organisers to create and deliver a successful event.

Take Control Of Your Cash

When you use eventrac software to manage your events, you get to keep all the money you make. We don't hold onto any of it. 

Thanks to our integration with the payment processor Stripe any entry fees that you collect or merchandise sales that you make are sent instantly to your Stripe account.

In your Stripe dashboard, you choose when and how often you want to receive payments to your bank account. Whether you prefer daily, weekly, monthly or manual payouts, it’s your choice.

Now with eventrac, you don't need to let a third-party registration provider hold on to your hard-earned money and put a squeeze on your finances.

Time To Improve Your Cashflow

If you want to have full access to your hard-earned money, schedule a fact-finding chat with us