Realtime Support And Lots More

What to do if 69% of UK customers want to communicate in real-time

Salesforce’s State of the Connected Consumer report 2019 found that in the UK, 69% of customers want to talk with a company in real-time

That’s why we’ve embedded LiveChat support within Eventrac latest software update to enable us to talk with our race directors and event organisers in real-time, quickly solving any problems they might experience when using our online event registration, management and marketing platform.

The new LiveChat support features pop-up text boxes and has the ability to transform a live chat exchange into a voice call, a screen share or sending screenshots. We think this makes it an incredibly effective tool for helping new users learn how to use our service and to quickly resolve support issues.

LiveChat is just one of many features we have introduced over the last few weeks.  Today we are proud to announce that has a new website that explains more clearly how our core registration and management services with existing and new features will add huge value to a sports event organiser’s business 

A few of the most exciting changes include: 

New Navigation

As the number of features we offer grows, we felt it was a great time to review the software navigation.  You will notice that the event setup navigation has changed to make it easier and quicker to build your event pages, races, and booking form.  This theme is continuing throughout the administration system.

Booking Insurance

In response to the challenges of covid-19 and the impact it had on the sports event sector, we have been looking at ways to help organisers maintain positive cash flow.  One of the new features we have delivered is the option to include booking insurance on your form (as powered by Refund Protect).  You can now enable this option with a single button click and earn 1% commission for every booking without having to refund a booking.  This is all handled by refund protect

Event Giving

As well as already integrating into JustGiving to provide a seamless integration into a fundraising system, we have also created our own version called “Event Giving”.  The main difference being that with Event Giving, the organiser takes the money and then distributes this to the appropriate charity (similar to how we handle donations)

Improved Communications

The number of outbound emails has increased dramatically over the last 18 months largely related to the number of announcements being sent in response to covid-19 challenges.  We have added greater control over how organisers contact participants to ensure important information is always delivered to the right people.