The New Year Boom Period

The New Year boom period is a great time to bag some early season entries

We hope your “New Year Resolution Season” went off with a bang delivering you loads of entries!

The good news is that there's more to come.  Eventrac customer historical data shows us that right now is the right time to use your email marketing tools and social media messaging to promote traditional events alongside appropriate beginner events to boost entries.

Race entries historically peak in New Year, mid-January and climb again in February, so get to work now with our 5 New Year Entry Boosters.

Here’s 5 New Year Entries Boosters

Offer realistic starter events

Goals which are too big or take too long to achieve very rarely succeed.  The success of Parkrun and Couch to 5K suggests that there's a huge audience for starter events regardless of the sport type.  Help with an easy to follow training plan to make the journey to the finish line appear very much more achievable 

Create accountability

Giving up on a resolution can be easy but you can help the self-doubter train through any dips by creating accountability. Eventrac makes it easy for them to commit to raise funds for a charity, to instantly share their registration, and use links in your encouraging messages to easily spread the word on Facebook and Instagram to their friends and family.  

Focus on the ‘Why?’

From registration to race your supportive email messages can help a converted get fit participant keep focus on the why, make sure to include positive fitness statements within your frequent messages to them.  Use snippets of motivating text to remind them that more energy, focus and a body that feels great are all benefits of finishing your event. 

Celebrate Milestones

Don’t forget to remind them to celebrate achieving their training milestones.  Program your email messaging to automatically reach out to participants, how are they doing? Encourage participants to celebrate and share their training achievements with you and others on your event’s Facebook page..  

Find a Friend

We all know that signing up and participating with a friend is a huge success factor.  The most effective way to help your “get fit” converts achieve their new year resolution goal is to encourage them to participate with friends.  Eventrac allows you to offer a discount code for friends and groups and make it easy for groups to register.
Friends and group members will keep each other accountable along that journey from registration to finish line and share an unforgettable experience that will make them want to come back to you for more.