Boost Your Entries Reward Loyalty With Promo Codes

Use Promo / Discount Codes To Boost Race Entries, Bring New Participants and Reward Loyalty

Use Promo / Discount Codes To Boost Race Entries, Bring New Participants and Reward Loyalty

  • 83% of consumers say a promo code changes their buying behaviour
  • 87% of Brits have used a promo code at least once
  • 82% of promo codes are redeemed within a week or less
  • 63% of people say they’d use more discount codes if they were available

Offering a Discount / Promo Code for your events is a great way to boost your entries, grow loyalty and attract new participants.

What Are Promo Codes And How Do They Work?

Promo Codes are a super easy way to promote your events on your own website, in your email marketing messages or in social media activity
That Promo Code can either be a percentage or a specific amount of money off specific products or the total order.

It’s an easy to implement marketing tool that essentially gives existing and prospective participants yet another reason to enter your events.

"What I really like is that with Eventrac you can automatically issue a Promo Code to a recipient as a reward for leaving a review or referring a friend.  That’s a great way to retain loyal customers!"

Promo Codes Work Because They Are Win-Win

Promo Codes work well because you’re providing participants with a great incentive to sign-up, which benefits both you and them.  New and existing participants get to sign-up to race with you at a lower price, and you generate instant revenue, increased loyalty and gain new participants, that’s a great win-win.

Easy Tracking Marketing Efforts With Promo Codes

One of the great things about Promo Codes is that they make it easy to see where your business is coming from, which social media platforms or third party listing sites are generating the most traffic or leading to conversions.

Get Started With Promo Codes In A Few Clicks

Within Eventrac you simply create a one-off Promo Code for a specific marketing email message. social media post, Google ad or even automatically in response to user actions such as leaving a review or referring a friend.

Different codes can trigger the same offer, so you don't have to create a different promo for every advertisement.  

You just need a new Promo Code. For example, you could create slightly different codes (SignUpFB, SignUpTW, SignUpEM) so that any ads or marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter or Email Marketing have unique, platform-specific Promo Codes.  Combined with tracking links, this creates hugely powerful insights into your most successful sales channels.

And make sure it’s got a catchy easy to remember name because you want it to be easily shared amongst your audience.

Promos codes can be created and limited to work by

  • Number of usages (1 or multiple)

  • Dates (to/from)

  • Only against specific events or merchandise items

Get Your Promo Code Message Out There

Use Eventrac's inbuilt email marketing tools with drag n drop customisable templates to create your perfect personalised and relevant Promo Card message to tempt your existing customers.

Deploy your Promo Codes in social media posts, your Google Ads and elsewhere!

Boost Your Sales With Promo Cards

Schedule a short chat or a demo with us to learn more about using Eventrac to boost your entries throughout the year with Promo Codes