Turn Disappointment Into Opportunity By Offering An Alternative to the London Marathon

Boost your entries and offer ballot pain relief to those who were unsuccessful in the London Marathon ballot

Since October last year, thousands of runners of all standards have been crossing their fingers, hoping for a place in this year’s London marathon.the most popular marathon on the planet.

Now there are just five days now until they hear the ballot results on Monday 14 March

A record number of 457,861 hopefuls applied to take part in this year’s event, but only around 17,500 people will get a ballot space

That means there will be hundreds of thousands of disappointed marathon runners looking for a race 

How You Turn That Disappointment Into An Opportunity 

You need to offer your event as an alternative to the London Marathon

You can use Eventracs integrated email marketing service to send a personalised and relevant message to your contact database. 

Use your Eventrac’s drag n drop email editor to prepare a custom design with your brand, bold graphics and a personalised strong message

 “Don’t worry [FIRST NAME HERE] if you didn’t get a spot in the London Marathon 2022, here’s an amazing marathon you could take part in instead, [YOUR EVENT NAME HERE]”

Go all in!  Reinforce your message with a time-limited discount code to “help overcome the disappointment” and motivate prospective sign-ups.

Don’t forget to double down with your social media posts and make sure you use Eventrac’s unique tracking links in your social media posts and email marketing messages to know where your sign-ups are coming from and what marketing channels are working for you!

Get Started Now With Ballot Relief For Disappointed Runners

Schedule a short chat or a demo with us to learn more about using Eventrac with its own CRM and a full suite of features designed to help you offer an online “own brand” experience that will delight your participants whether it be a fast sign up, a choice of tickets, a wide range of merchandise to buy or simply the means to easily manage their own entry and in turn save you heaps of time answering unnecessary support calls.

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