Offer No-Cost Refunds, Increase Sales, Protect Your Revenue and Reputation

Sell Booking Protect to up to 75% of participants, generate additional income and avoid the need to deal with stressful refund requests and hand money back

See how easy it is to increase your sales and protect your revenue and reputation when you provide your customers with confidence in their ticket purchase using refund protection from Booking Protect integrated with eventrac.

eventrac users are selling Booking Protect to up to 75% of their participants, generating additional income and eliminating the need to deal with stressful refund requests and hand money back

Protect Your Revenue and Reputation 

Now at registration your participants can buy non refundable tickets with confidence by opting to purchase refund protection from Booking Protect too. 

Booking Protect’s refund protection gives your ticket purchasers the opportunity to get their money back if something goes wrong up to 45 days after the event which means they will still have a good experience and feel good about you and your event.

Moreover you'll generate additional income from every Booking Protect sale you make with no set up costs or hassle.

Reduce Stress of Refunds

Dealing with refund requests and complaints can be time consuming and potentially expensive. Booking Protect takes all the strain. Their digital claims and dedicated customer service agents will provide your customers with a fast complete service without any administrative overhead from you.

One Click Setup 

Booking Protect activation is a one click option at race setup within your eventrac.

eventrac automatically adds Booking Protect policy terms and conditions to your event's standard terms and conditions and provides “how to make a claim text and links” in the automatic registration confirmation email to purchasers.  

Hassle Free Refunds 

For participants Booking Protect covers their entire booking including any services fees, and any extra’s they’ve purchased from you to ensure a 100% refund in unforeseen circumstances outside of their control.

It’s quick too, the Booking Protect team will review new applications within 48 working hours. If the claim is eligible for a refund and your entrants have supplied all the relevant information, they will agree to payment within that time.

Protect Your Revenue and Reputation with Booking Protect

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