How to sweeten a race cancellation to minimise the damage to your brand and reputation.

The combination of economic and climate uncertainty is a realistic threat to events

Lately you would have seen a few races postponing at the last minute. That’s incredibly disappointing for all but hardly surprising because now it's not just reduced consumer confidence to blame, it's increasingly likely that extreme weather will be a realistic threat too.

For event organisers this combination of economic and climate uncertainty may be the new reality

So if worst comes to worst and you need to cancel a race here’s how you could quickly and easily manage the cancellation process and simultaneously “sweeten the pill” to minimise the damage to your brand, events and reputation.

Quckly "make-good" with a personalised message and a generous sweetener

Bite the bullet, don’t wait for a miracle! Communicate your decision to cancel with your participants as soon as you can and make sure you send each individual participant a personalised email with a relevant message empathising with their disappointment and frustration and simultaneously offer a “sweetener'' along with one or more of the following options .

An eventrac “sweetener” is simply adding compensatory extra £’s credit to participant's secure profile/account along with offering one or more of the following options:

  • A transfer to another event or choice of events
  • A deferral to a future running of the same event
  • A refund

Thankfully for eventrac users this is an automated process.

There's no need to issue and send countless gift cards or discount codes

eventrac's automated process eliminates the need to issue and manage hundreds if not thousands of individual gift cards or discounted entry codes and separately send a message to disappointed participants using an expensive and unsynchronised third party mail service.

In difficult circumstances it must be a blessing to have access to a participant management system that will enable quick bulk transfers, deferrals and refunds along with the option to apply a compensating £’s value credit automatically to each participant's account and notify them too.

Thereafter, because each participant has their own unique account they can login securely to edit their details, self-cancel, defer, transfer, send their entry to a friend and spend their “sweetener” credit £’s too.

Of course day to day during normal trading times the participant management system gives event organisers full control to instantly transfer, defer, refund and email with participants individually or in bulk.

Why not schedule a short chat with us to find out more about how eventrac’s automated participant management features and integrated email service can help you minimise the damage to your brand and reputation if worst comes to worst and you need to cancel a race.