Digital Marketing Tips for Targeting the ‘New Year New Me’ Resolutioners

Digital Marketing Tips for Targeting the ‘New Year New Me’ Resolutioners

Christmas campaigns represent large workloads amongst many businesses, however for the race director promoting their event, taking advantage of the influx of new year resolutioners is key. As gyms flood with newly subscribed members, feeling the guilt after a months worth of mince pies and brandy butter, your races need to be at eye level to catch that motivation in its January prime. 

Begin your planning well in advance of January, to have the best chance at a successful new year's campaign. Here are some pointers to help you develop your strategy and increase the participants signed up to your race. 

Buddy Incentives 

No matter how inclusive and welcoming your race environment is, signing up to something by yourself requires more will power and strength than knowing you’re not doing it alone. Particularly for the harder races where the training can be intimidating. Offering group discounts or team incentives can increase someone’s reasons to take part, leave no excuses for someone not to sign up! By creating social media marketing campaigns that let potential new members know they don’t have to go at it alone, you’ll be addressing one of the barriers to attracting new racers.

Motivate participants with an emotional story 

An emotional story that relates to your event, or to the area in which your event is held. This can generate some great genuine engagement from your community of runners to be shared. Whether your story is of a racer journey to a new PB that made the podium, or a couch to 5k participant who couldn’t fathom any form of jogging prior to your event, this is a great way to target new potential members. 

Deciding to embrace a healthier lifestyle is a decision that doesn’t just depend on your physical actions but on your mindset and emotions towards it too. When a potential new member can relate to the subject of your marketing campaign and, better yet, feels compelled to act because of it, you’ll know you’ve hit the emotional note just right.


Appeal to Those Looking for a Fresh Start

There’s a reason all the treadmills are full come January 1—the holidays are over and members old and new are using the turn of the year to make a fresh start. The promise of a fresh start has lead people to forge oceans and cross mountain passes, and it can certainly lead participants to take on a new challenge like your race for the first time. So make sure to use it in your digital marketing campaigns to target that peak of curiosity to try something new, or for those pushing harder to get an elusive PB. 

Use tiered tickets to create a sense of urgency

After the financial crush of the holiday season, many people are hesitant to add another bill, but offering limited-time tickets that are soon to increase can motivate people to sign up sooner. If there is still a while to go till your event, flash sales of ‘super early bird’ tickets could entice those that want to sign up but worry about the cost. 

Make It as Easy as Possible to Sign Up

If you want to get new participants at the start line, it’s important to make it as easy as possible to sign up for your services. Sign up buttons should be visible and accessible on all of your social media channels, email blasts and your website. In your marketing campaigns, make it clear how easy it is to get a ticket. If your only course of action is to get people to visit your organising club in person or to post a cheque, you’re reducing your audience sizeably and opening up to competition.

More Than Just a Race

It’s not just a trimmer waistline or tick off a list that new racers are seeking; many are motivated to join because of the social aspect or a cause they’re supporting. Partnering with running clubs around them can offer a sense of community, and by promoting volunteering opportunities you can engage your whole local area. If your race attracts a lot of fundraising 

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